What of the Cadeby Heroes?

September 1912

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Saturday 07 September 1912

What of the Cadeby Heroes?

Mention of the distribution of honours and rewards from the Carnegie Heroes Fund to certain Welsh mine rescue workers, brings us to the question of the desirability of establishing some practical form of appreciation for the gallant fellows who have done so well at Cadeby.

The heroes fund representative as pit several visits to Denaby, and has no doubt made the fullest enquiries into the conduct of the men was race, and in sadly too many cases actually given, their lives, for the safety of others. We are well aware that the task of distributing honours here is particularly difficult, for every soul went down that pit during the day of disaster and after, the quick and the dead alike, are worthy to be written down as two men; but there has not come to light any instance of outstanding heroism – bravery so conspicuous as to earn rewards without being invidious to the rest.

They have all behaved with extreme gallantry, and all deserve some token of appreciation. We trust that something will be done in the matter, for if the Carnegie Heroes Fund was founded to meet any particular type of enemies and, surely Cadeby has produced that type.