Wheelbarrow Race (picture)

June 1968

South Yorkshire Times June 8, 1968

Halts the Most Enjoyable Part of the Contest

Albert Wood and Jim Millikin were the first pair home in the first Whit. Monday Wheelbarrow Derby held at Conisbrough. They finished the two and a half mile course in about 25 minutes, heading the field of 14 pairs.

The race Was started in Park Road and the field made its way via the pubs of Conisbrough back to the Alma Inn, West Street taking in, en route, the Talisman, Bowman, Lord Conyers, Fox Hotel and the Eagle and Child.

Every competitor was required to drink half a pint of beer at every port of call. The drinks were waiting drawn for their arrival and the rest periods were only for the time it took to “knock back” the ale.

The route was lined with onlookers who appeared to enjoy this novel event thoroughly. There were no major traffic hold-ups. A fifteenth “noveltyā€˛ wheelbarrow also travelled but in a non-competitive capacity. This brightly decorated two-wheel model was made and decorated by Mr. and Mrs T. Milton.

Under starter orders for the Wheelbarrow Race at Conisbrough on Sunday

Husband And Wife

Mrs Nan O’Rouke, the only woman competitor in the race, and husband gained the distinction of winning third place in a closely contested, even battle.

After the event both contestants and spectators retired to the various local pubs to maintain the festive spirit and all the licensees reported brisk trade. A presentation will be made to the winners at the Alma Inn, this Saturday at 9 p.m.

The success of the competition means that the race will probably become an annual Whit Monday event at Conisbrough. Already plans for next year’s race are being discussed and other competitions such as a baby competition and a beauty contest may also be held. The original idea was the brainchild .of Mr. Len Poskltt, landlord of the Alma Inn, and the organising was the work of Mr. W. F. Prince.

Winners Were: 1 A. Wood and Jim Millikin. 2 G. Simpson and H. Dryden, 3 Mr. and Mrs P O’Rouke, 4 T. Rigby and S. Rigby and 5 K. Mansell and I.Wigley