Where They Train ’Em! – Denaby Lose Good Men, But Will Develop Others

August 1927

Star Green ‘un – Saturday 20 August 1927

Where They Train ’Em!

Denaby Lose Good Men, But Will Develop Others

What fortune awaits Denaby United in the coming season!

The Question is not easy to answer in view of the fact that J. C. Johnson and Green, their crack scorers of last season, have gone to The Wednesday. Streets, their clever outside left, Bromage. their resourceful goalkeeper, and A. S. Vollons, the former versatile amateur, have now thrown in their lot with Mexborough and Wadsworth, another forward “find” of last season has migrated to Southend: but Denaby’s officials have a capacity for the adaptation and development of junior players which encourages happy expectation.

Practical support of optimism is found in the fact that the old players M. Taylor and A. E. Hunter (clever and co-operative backs), J. Goodinson (right half or back), W. Ogley (the fine centre half). E. R. Windle (the tireless left half), J. W. Barker (centre half or left half) and B. Johnson (inside right), will form the base of the new team.

Much is expected of Barker who gave samples of his brilliance last back-end, while B. Johnson is likely to maintain his quick development as a forward now that he has recovered from injury. Denaby, then, will start with the assurance of a defence which has few superiors in the Midland League. To fill the vacancies caused by departures Denaby have so far signed on H. Wroe, an outside right, who was with Barnsley for a season and a half; W. Smith an inside forward from Neepsend Works: H. Bailey, inside left from Darfield; J. A. Hetherington, outside left from Mexborough, J. Knott, inside forward from Canklow, from whom is hoped to secure good goal-getting forward line.

Denaby recruits, says Mr. A. H. Davis, the efficient financial secretary, intend to do the same as former Denaby players—work their way into better class football at an early date and with this desire impetus Denaby should profit on the field of play.

The call for better support and for the encouragement of Mr, P. Harrison, who has succeeded Mr. Jim Hancock as secretary-manager is opportune.

The players at the moment are Goal, Allen (Brodsworth); backs, M. Taylor and A. E. Hunter; back and half-back, J. Goodinson; half backs. J. Ogley, E. R. Windle and J. W. Barker; forwards. B. Johnson, H. Wroe (Barnsley), F. Smith ‘Neepeend). H. Bailey (Darfield), J. Hetherington (Mexborough), and J. Knott (Canklow).