“Why Should Conisborough Wait.”

October 1891

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 02 October 1891

“Why Should Conisborough Wait.”

It has been found by experience that the only means by which her residents can keep up to date in the matter of sanitation and other matters which tend to make existence tolerable is by establishing a Local Board.

The parochial committee which has been formed has attempted to do good work, but its operations have been sadly hampered. Our report of the meeting of the committee held last week concluded thus : ”

The contumacy with which the parishioners’ request, has been treated by the Doncaster Highway Board raised the ire of every gentleman on the committee, who resolved to take the necessary procedure to sever the parish from the authority.”

The fact is, that the interests of a place like Conisborough are too important to be dealt with by any other body than a properly constituted Local Board. It is perhaps not the fault of the Doncaster Highway authority that the work of the parish is not carried out with more efficiency real with leas vexations delay. They have other work to do quite as important, and besides it is to their interest that expense should be lessened where practical. This, however, is only an argument for the establishment of au authority which shall be able to deal intelligently with, and to carry out expeditiously the requirement of the neighbourhood. Conisborough, lovely enough in summer, is a howling wilderness in winter. Her population is increasing rapidly, soon it bids fair to rival Mexborough in importance. Why should Conisborough be dependent upon an authority outside her own borders? Surely there are persons in the village who are capable of carrying out the work connected with making a culvert, of paving a street, or of putting a roadway into decent order.

Those residents who are keeping the improvement back are injuring their own interests and those of their neighbours and the decision reluctantly arrived at by the Parochial Committee should teach them the lesson that, as with an individual or a household, reform should begin from within and hot front without.

We expect great things of Conisborough in the future, and we shall not be disappointed.