“Wicked Denaby.”

May 1930

Sheffield Daily Telegraph, Thursday, May 15, 1930.

 “Wicked Denaby.”

Wesleyan’s Allegations Denied. Denaby is one of the wickedest places in the area . It is hotbed of Romanism .. . It is very difficult place in which to work, and we are failing.”

These statements made by Mr. It. Feasey, of Sheffield, at the Sheffield district of the Wesleyan Synod at Barnsley, yesterday, is likely to revive the controversy which arose on a previous occasion when a similar charge was levelled against the township.

Following Mr. Feascy, Mr. Rufus Hartley, Doncaster, a lay preacher, said he did not think that they were failing in Denaby. There were circumstances in Denaby which necessitated the work being carried on under fearful odds. There was the Co-operative Society, which held off-licence, and the Roman Catholics came out of their church and went into a club which was next door. Nevertheless, the workers in Denaby still remained loyal.

Regarding these allegations {says the Sheffield Daily Telegraph” local correspondent) most of the people in Denaby are tolerant, some are amused, and a few are indignant.

Of the latter, one said: This want, of charity from a conference of religious workers is certainly unkind. Fortunately, few people here will disturbed by it for it is unfounded.”

In an interview last night, the “Vicar of Denaby (the Rev. S. Rowley) discounted the statements. They are not true,” he said. So far our Church is concerned our members are quite good. Denaby is as clean living as any other district of its kind.”

The Vicar added that Canon Leteux also had a well filled church. On the last occasion Denaby was criticised this manner, prompt and strong repudiation came from Canon Leteux (Roman Catholic priest of Denaby), who challenged the person making the allegation and those who supported him to substantiate their charges. That challenge was not accepted.