Wicket-Keeping Extraordinary

July 1927

Mexborough and Swinton Times July 8, 1927

Wicket-Keeping Extraordinary

A remarkable bit of wicket-keeping was done by the four men who do that job for the Denaby and Conisborough teams in the matches played on Saturday.

Foster, who stepped into Narroways shoes in Denaby’s Yorkshire Council team, and green, who took over the job in Denaby’s Doncaster league team, between them allowed but one extra; but BB Clarkson (formerly with Denaby) and Finlay the two men kept wicket for Conisborough’s Doncaster and Doncaster friendlies league teams respectively even better than that!

They did not allow any extras at all!

Foster (198) and Green (66) “kept” while 264 runs were scored; Clarkson (26) and Finlay (44) while 70 were scored.

In spite of the small scores in three other games which the man concerned took part, it is a remarkable fact for four wicket-keepers in one small district to yield but one extra among 334 runs on one day – and to one a leg by!

Fosters was an exceptionally good performance.