Widow Sued – Caustic Comment in Conisboro’ Case

February 1928

Mexborough and Swinton Times, February 17, 1928

Widow Sued.

Caustic Comment in Conisboro’ Case

In a case-in the Doncaster County Court, on Friday, Judge Turner allowed costs against the Conisborough Urban District Council and allowed a guinea to a Widow whom they had sued for rent.

Judge Turner said the Urban Council sued Charlotte Ratcliffe, Prior Road, Conisborough, for £16 16s. 6d. rent after she had , been out of the house for 16 months. She paid her rent until she left. She was a widow, and she had her brother, who had three young children; in the house.

He (the Judge) was satisfied that the woman told -the Council her brother was staying in the house, becanse like a alot more people in England to-day, he had nowhere to go.

The Urban Council were not minded to have the than as tenant, but told him he could stay until he could find another house. In the face of that arrangement to-day they sued the woman for rent.

He would not allow it. There would be judgment for Mrs. Ratcliffe with costs. She had had to attend court two days and he would give her costs  and allow her a guinea.

Judge Turner said he was “staggered ” that such a case should have been brought.

Mr. Spencer Baker, for the Urban Council, asked to be allowed to amend the claim. This was done, and an ejectment order made against. George Edward Clarke to leave the house after one month. He was also ordered to pay the arrears at the rate of 5s. per month.