Wife Assault.

November 1896

Mexborough and Swinton Times November 30, 1896

Wife Assault.

James Caine, filler, Conisborough, was charged with an aggressive assault on his wife, Catherine Kane, who further alleged persistent cruelty against him.

Mr. Baddeley appeared for the defendant, and asked for an adjournment, on the grounds that his client was only served us with a summons on Friday night, but as complainant was suffering from two black eyes, and appear to have been badly treated, the magistrates decided to proceed with the case,

On the Thursday night defendant went home the worse for drunk, and they had a quarrel, when defendant struck his wife, and knocked her down, and kicked her whilst on the ground. On the previous Sunday he also ill used her and gave her two black eyes. For some time past he had abused her, and threatened her.

In cross examination mister. Baddiley elicIted that compliant given defendant can see durable provocation.

The magistrates fined defendants for 40 shillings., Including the cost, and bound him over to keep the peace, but did not grant an order of separation.