Wife Who Betrayed Her Soldier Husband – “A Disgrace To Her Sex.”

November 1919

Yorkshire Evening Post – Wednesday 26 November 1919

A Disgrace To Her Sex.

Wife Who Betrayed Her Soldier Husband.

Some severe comments were made by Mr. Justice Coleridge, Leeds Assizes, to-day, to a woman bigamist, Florence Welton (27), who pleaded guilty to the offence at Denaby.

” This,” he said, “is one those shameful cases in which woman who has no sort or cause of complaint of her husband’s conduct takes advantage of his absence when is sent the front help to protect women’s homes—in fact all our homes.

When her first duty is to him, she goes and tells a lie, says he is killed, wipes him off the slate, and then enters into matrimony with another man. It makes ashamed of her sex to think that women do such things.”

Sentence of eight months’ imprisonment in the second division was passed.