Wilful Damage at Denaby

November 1910

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Saturday 26 November 1910

Wilful Damage at Denaby

A youthful glass hand, John Spittlehouse, residing at Conisborough, appeared in answer to a summons charging with doing wilful damage to a window in Denaby, by smashing it. The case was brought by the colliery company in respect of property in Annerley Street, Denaby.

Mr Frank Allen represented the Colliery company and told the Court that on the 15th, defendant, along with other youths was in Annerley Street, Denaby Main, when he was seen to put his fist through a pane of glass in an unoccupied house. The Colliery Company did not wish to unduly press the charge, but they had had so much damage of this sort done that they were bound to put a stop to the practice.

Mr H.L.Smethurst, the Surveyor for the colliery company, gave evidence in support of counsel statements.

Spittlehouse, sworn, protested his innocence in regard to the deliberateness of the act said he was not from behind by some of his mates, and put his hand out to save himself from falling.

An inclusive fine of 7/6 was imposed