Wilful Damage by Children at Denaby


28th April Sheffield Independent

Wilful Damage by Children at Denaby

William Bartholomew, John Pattison, and William Jackson, three little boys of about 9 to 11 years of age, were charged with doing wilful damage to some newly made bricks in a brick field at Denaby on 21st April.

Mr Taylor appeared for the complainant’s – the Denaby main colliery company – and he stated that the children in the neighbourhood in a practice of running into the brick field and spoiling the bricks. On this occasion the children now summoned had destroyed about 4000 bricks, and the complainant’shad estimated the damage at 24 shillings. (£1.20)

The magistrates called the mothers of the children before them, and said that the proper course would be to have them flogged. The mothers however, said that they would rather pay a fine, as they children could not stand a thrashing.

Each of the defendants were fined one shilling and costs, and ordered to pay eight shillings each as compensation for the damage done, with the option of 10 days imprisonment.