Wilful Denaby School Children

May 1911

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Saturday 20 May 1911

Wilful Denaby School Children

Luther Wren, pony driver, Denaby, Peter Collendredge, Benjamin Collendredge, John Mannion, Mary Mannion, George W Beasley, Robert Beasley, Arthur Broomfield and Thomas Broomfield, schoolchildren, of new Conisbro were summoned by the Denaby Parish Council for wilful damage to a fence at Denaby on May 7.

Mr Allen, instructed by Mrs Kaye, of the Denaby Parish Council appeared to prosecute. Mr Allen said the Denaby people were fortunate enough to have an open-air bath. This place is enclosed by a high fence. These boys and others had for some considerable time done serious damage to the fence by throwing stones etc. The fence was spiked on the top and the boys had knocked the spikes down, and crawled over. They had also committed indecent acts close to the baths, and a quantity of glass had been thrown into the baths. The damage was estimated at 6d each. The baths, it was stated were provided by the Denaby Colliery Company for the miners.

The statement Mr Allen was corroborated by PC Rushton and Mr Milne, watchman.

Each of the defendants were ordered to pay a fine of 6/– and the costs 6/–, and damage 6d.

James Worsley and William L Worsley, Frederick W Crookes and Henry Crookes, schoolboys, all of Denaby, were summoned for throwing bricks and stones at the fence enclosing the open-air baths at Denaby on May 2. The ages of the boys range from 8 to 11 and all of them were ordered to pay the costs 6/-and damage 6d.

Leonard Ward, pony driver, Denaby, for a similar offence was fine 6/– and the costs 6/– and damage 6d.