Without Muzzles – An Indignant Dog Owner

April 1895

Mexborough and Swinton Times April 12, 1895

Without Muzzles

William Stringer, Conisbrough, miner, was summoned for not restraining the “snapping” powers of his dog at that place on March 30.

Defendant said he was out at the time, and the dog escaped from his home unmuzzled. It was only a Pup

PC Jarvis stated that being on duty at 255 on the date named at Clifton Street, new Denaby, with PC Cade, when he noticed a collie dog running about without a muzzle. Witness followed it, and saw it entered defendant’s house. It was 200 yards from defendant’s house.

Fined 20 shillings including costs

John Turnbull, Tailor, Conisbrough was similarly charged with an offence of March 29. Defendant pleaded guilty

PC Roughton swore to find the defendant’s beach near the Conisbrough board schools on the date in question. Defendant said it had been out about an hour.

Fined 20 shillings and costs.

An Indignant Dog Owner

Wilford Newbound, miner, Conisbrough was also charged with a similar offence on 31 March. Defendant pleaded not guilty.

PC Roughton proved the case, saying that he found a fox terrier bitch loose and unrestrained by a muzzle. Witness took to his heels to catch it, but could not. He went to defendant’s house and asked to see the dog. It was the same animal.

Defendant (who was emphatic in the declaration of his innocence): Oh, you’re false.

Mr Yarborough: Have your witness proves that?

Witness: Yes

Harold Moody (son of Mr Arthur Moody) said he saw a fox terrier dog run past the house on the date in question. It was without a muzzle.

Defendant: “You didn’t see it going to my house, did you?

Witness: No, I can’t say that I did.

Martha Best also saw the dog. It was unmuzzled

Defendant: That gentleman (the PC) did know anything about the bitch before he came to my house and asked to see it. PC Rowe said I had better see Sergeant Ambier about it, but this is the result. (Laughter)

Charles Ward, said he was at defendant’s house on the day in question. The dog was never out

Owing to the unreconcilable evidence, the case was dismissed.