Wombwell Temperance  3 Denaby 4

8 December 1888

Barnsley Chronicle, etc. – Saturday 08 December 1888

Wombwell Temperance  3 Denaby 4

These met on the ground of the former, and played a steady, yet an interesting, game. The Temperance won the toss, and elected to play down hill, with the wind in their favour. After about ten minutes play the home team scored the first goal, and before the whistle blew two more were recorded, the call of half-time the score standing:

Wombwell Temperance, 3 goals; Denaby, nil.

On change of ends the visitors played up in a more determined manner, scored a goal, and very soon recorded another, and after this they appeared to have much the best of the play, and succeeded just before the call of time repeating the performance twice in rapid succession.

At the call of time the scores were

Denaby 4 goals; Wombwell Temperance, 3 goals.