Women at War at Conisborough

July 1901

Mexborough and Swinton Times July 5.

Women at War at Conisborough.

 On June 24 an exciting fight between neighbours took place at Conisborough, all arising out of the conduct of children.

The sequel of the disturbance was that Ann Hemingway, a married woman, was summoned by Magdalene Shooter, another married woman, for assault.

Not to be outdone, Hemingway took out across summons against Shooter.

In the course of her evidence Shooter said children had been quarrelling on the doorstep, and she spoke to them, whereupon Hemingway became annoyed, and said she would knock her soul out.

She replied that she did not wish to fight.

Afew more words were exchanged, and then Hemingway struck her several times, knocking her over two chairs, and damaging a quantity of ornaments and crockery.

Shooter told the magistrate she was bruised on the body and was willing to be examined by a female warder.

Julia Hayes and Rose Hepley, gave corroborative evidence.

Hemingway, in defence of the first summons, and in support ofher owncharge against Shooter, said it was true the children had been quarrelling, and Shooter had struck a child. She went and spoke to Shooter, who then went into the houseand fetchedout a poker, with which she tried to strike her; Hemmingway put up her hands to ward off the blow, and Shooter fell near two chairs. If there were any pots broken Shooter broke them herself.

The Bench holding the view that one side was as bad as the other, dismissed both summonses.