Women Teacher Takes St. Alban’s to Success  – Trainer Best in the World

December 1959

South Yorkshire Times December 5, 1959

Women Teacher Takes Denaby St. Alban’s to Success    

Our Trainer is Best in the World Says Undefeated Team

ASK any member of Denaby St. Alban’s Junior School football ream what they think of their “trainer” and they will tell you: ‘She is the best in the world” (writes Harry Cooke),

Enthusiastic youngsters, particularly those who devote much of their spare time to football, always exaggerate, but there is no doubt that Mrs. Veronica Rose Fitzwilliam has worked wonders these past five years.

There have never been any male teachers at St. Alban’s Junior School and so it was a “Hobson’s ,, Choice” for Mrs. Fitzwilliam, of Cadeby Avenue, Conisbrough, when she took over the management of A the school team.

The influence of a woman has a tremendous effect on the spirit and playing capabilities of the boys.

This years they top their section ofthe Don and Dearne Schools League with a 100 per cent. record after five matches.

If they continue at their present rate the “goals for” column in the final tables will look more like an Australian batsman’s after lunch score. St. Alban’s have played a total of seven matches this year, scoring 21 goals to one against.

Wouldn’t Swop Her

“Star” of an enterprising attack is 10-years-old centre forward, John Davies, who already has 10 goals to his credit this season. What does John think of Mrs. Fitzwilliam ?

“We would not ‘swop’ her for any man. She knows just as much, anyway.”

Considering the fact that Saint Alban’s only about 20 boys from which to make their team a success of the larger schools is a remarkable achievement.

The secret of the “Giant Killers”? “I think it is team spirit and enthusiasm, rather than sheer skill, that is winning us matches,” Mrs Fitzwilliam told me.


“I was one of the smallest teams in the League, but they have plenty of courage. This could well be one of our most successful seasons.

“I was not very interested in football until I took over the team. Now it seemed to grow upon me. I am almost as keen as the boys are.

“I am a bit to alter about in football boots. In fact I have no need to. Lands of 10 know the basic essentials of the game. I concentrate on teaching them the importance of teamwork.”

One of the teams keenest “fans” nowadays is Mrs Fitzwilliam’s husband, Mr Patrick Fitzwilliam.

“He rarely misses a match,” she said.

The team comprises: Thomas Ellis; Paul Prendergast, Thomas McDonagh; George Derrins, Patrick Cullen, Billy Wellings; John Conlon, Terry Collins, John Davies, Fred Allcock and Thomas Cullen.