Words and Blows.

March 1911

Leeds Mercury – Saturday 25 March 1911

Words and Blows.

At Doncaster yesterday, Andrew Moran, a Denaby miner, was charged on remand with wounding William Wright, also miner, at Conisborough, on the 16th inst.

Wright’s story was that he went the Station Hotel, Conisborough, on March 16th, and played bagatelle with Moran, who when he lost grumbled. Wright said to him, You’re a poor loser,” and Moran retorted” I could beat as many Staffordshire men as you could bring at six and threepence a score.”

Some time afterwards, as Wright was standing near the Conisborough railway station, Moran came suddenly upon him, and, without a word being spoken on either side, dealt him a blow on the right jaw. He fell, and as he lay upon the ground Moran kicked him twice in the teeth, and he became unconscious.

Dr. McArthur described the injuries, and said at one time Wright’s life was in danger.

Prisoner, in defence, said, when they had finished playing, Wright said to him: Staffordshire man can always beat you at anything,” and then declared that either he, or his brother, would fight him for a sovereign that night, or in the morning. Wright pushed him, and defendant struck him, and Wright retaliated with a blow over the eye. Outside the hotel Wright struck at him with his fist. He dodged the blow, and struck Wright as hard as could, the result being that swung round and fell face downwards the footpath.

The accused was committed take his trial at the Quarter Sessions, and bail was granted in the sum of £2O.