Worried by Vandalism – Conisbrough U.D.C. Warn Destructive Children

October 1955

South Yorkshire Times October 1, 1955

Worried by Vandalism
Conisbrough U.D.C. Warn Destructive Children

Conisbrough Urban District Council are very disturbed by vandalism among the schoolchildren of Conisbrough and Denaby it was disclosed at Monday’s meeting of the Council.

Allotments in Wadsworth Street had been damaged, poultry had been stolen and the vandals have done much damage to St Albans Church, Denaby, by scraping paintwork inside the church.

Because of their vandalism St Albans Church had to be closed during the daytime, reported Councillor T.Davy. He said that he thought it was the older children who were doing the damage, and agree with the proposal to approach the parents before prosecuting.

Alderman B Roberts said that when children started damaging churches “It was a bad thing for the name of Denaby and it was no encouragement to the Council to repair or erect more when as soon as they were in good order they were made useless by the children. “Much as we dislike to prosecute, if this goes on we shall have no alternative,” he said.

Due to the Ministry of Housing and Local Government’s decision to increase the rate of interest on loans to local authorities Conisbrough Urban Council house rents will be considered at the next council meeting. There are 950 council houses in Conisbrough.

Councillor R.H.Shepard said “Reluctant as we are to increase rents, it appears that we have no alternative.”

Reporting on the state of the fund for the chain of office for the Chairman of the Council, the clerk of the Council, (Mr R.F.Edwardson) said that £119 11s 6d had been collected and another 10/6 and been promised. Another councillor said he had been promised another £5 from a local person. Miss Emerson said that a few more pounds were needed, yet, but he was confident that the money would come. Quotations for the chain are under consideration.