Worried Over Health – Denaby Man drowned Himself in Don

October 1950

South Yorkshire Times October 7, 1950

Worried Over Health

Denaby Man drowned Himself in Don

Please note that the family name has been changed

A Denaby colliery loco driver, Sidney Edward Walker (47), 25 Doncaster Rd, whose body was recovered from the River Don in the city of Mexborough Generating Station Sunday, stated to have a that he might have to re-enter a mental hospital

Paced Bedroom Floor

A verdict that ” He drowned himself while the balance of his mind was disturbed,” was recorded by the Doncaster District Coroner (Mr. W. H. Carlile) at a Mexboro’ inquest on Monday.

The widow, Florence Walker, said her husband had good health until about 18 years ago, when he had a nervous breakdown. He attempted to take his life by cutting his throat, and for some time after that he was in Wakefield Mental Hospital, and was discharged after about four and a-half months.

He had recently had good health until February of this year. Since then he had complained of noises in the head. He was unable to sleep, and about a month ago she was told by her husband Doctor at Denaby that arrangements had been made for him to be examined by Doctor Kelly, at Doncaster Infirmary.

When her husband knew of this, he was afraid of being taken away again.

An appointment was fixed for him to go to Doncaster on September 26th, He seemed very worried about this and said he did not want to go.

On September 25th, said Mrs. Walker, they went to bed about 11 p.m., but her husband was restless and paced the bedroom floor. About 3.30 a.m. he got out of bed and put on his trousers and socks. He then said to her: “Good morning Flo,” and went downstairs.

Witness said she went to get some clothes on to go after him, but he did not take many seconds to get out of the house, and she could not find him anywhere. She got a neighbour to go with her to the canal bridge, but they were unable to find him. Later, she reported him missing to the police.

Charles Leopold Mace, electricity works driver 35, Prior Road, Conisbrough said that when he was driving over a bridge over the River Don by the Power Station at Mexborough at 7.25 on Sunday he saw a body in the water.

P.C.S Wright, Denaby, who found clothes belonging to Walker on the riverbank, said that papers in the pocket included a Denaby United Football Club season-ticket bearing Walker’s name. Dragging operations were continued until Friday without result.

A Doncaster pathologist, Doctor E.G. Hardy, who conducted a post mortem examination, said he found no evidence of injury or of disease. Death, in his opinion, was due to asphyxia due to drowning.