Wrestling and Boxing – Spirited Contests on Denaby United Ground.

4 July 1931

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Saturday 04 July 1931

Wrestling and Boxing.

Spirited Contests on Denaby United F.C. Ground.

Nearly 1,000 people assembled on the Denaby United football ground, last evening, when the Denaby Miners’ Welfare introduced ”all-in” wrestling for the first time.

Little Hackenschmidt and Mike Maloney (Dublin) were in opposition, and they provided some good sport.

The first round went the full ten minutes without either wrestler securing a fall, although once or twice Maloney banged his opponent’s head on ring floor. Six minutes and ter. seconds of the second round had gone when Hackenschmidt secured the first fall. There were several thrills in the third round, Maloney stood Hackenschmidt on his head, but the latter eventually secured the second fall, and won by two none.

In the chief boxing contest. Chocolate Kid Melgram forced Kid Fletcher (Edlington) to retire in the fifth round. Fletcher was down for count of nine in the. second round, but afterwards fought back pluckily, and also showed cleverness in evading many of Melgram’s rushes However, Melgram’s heavy punches began to toll, and, following a strong left hook to the body which sent Fletcher the boards the seconds of the latter threw in the towel.

In the, minor events. Young Dooney (Denaby) beat Young Melgram (Otley) on points, six rounds, while Young Chamberlain’s seconds threw in the towel in the third round, leaving Young Asher (Denaby) the winner.