Wrong Person At Denaby.

August 1902

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 01 August 1902

Wrong Person At Denaby.

Susan Wagstaff and Elisa Hemingway, married women, of Conisboro’, at the instance of the Denaby Main Colliery company for two panes of glass on the 19th July.

Mr. W. Baddiley appeared to prosecute on behalf the colliery company.

Only Wagstaff appeared and pleaded not guilty.

Mr. Baddiley stated that the summons had not been served the other woman.

Mrs. Myers said that on the previous night was in her own boner, and when she was going the yard saw the defendant and Hemingway; and they each threw a stone through the window. The damage was 2s 6d. each.

The defendant said that it was Myer’s son who broke the window. All the Myers’ were drunk on a a heap, and he threw some pots through the window.

Several witnesses were called, who stated that they saw John Swift Myers break the window. He was drunk, and broke the window with pots, and threw boiling water through.

After a long hearing the Bench dismissed the case against Wagstaff.

Mr. Baddiley said they would make the proper parties pay.