Young Denaby Envoys to Germany

July 1950

South Yorkshire Times July 15, 1950

Young Denaby Envoys to Germany

The Denaby and Cadeby Miners’ Welfare bus came out of retirement on Wednesday. It has been for sale for some time, but on Wednesday it was brought back into use again, licensed for three months, and took the first party from Denaby Tom Hill Youth Centre ever to go abroad down to Harwich.

On Wednesday morning the ten boys and girls, two adults (Mr, R. H. Simcock, youth leader, and Mr. B. Miller, chairman of the management committee) took their seats, with Mrs. Simcock, Mrs. Miller and Mr. Tom Hill, and as many parents and friends as could squeeze in.

At Harwich the 12 original passengers left the remainder to travel back to Denaby (they arrived at 2 a.m. on Thursday) and went on to the Hook of Holland by sea. By now they will be in Olpe, in the British Zone of Germany, in Arnsberg. They will be spending the night and the next 16 nights and days with German families.

When they return they will be met again by the bus. If they are by themselves they will be brought home, and the bus will make a third pilgrimage to Harwich to collect the German visitors when they arrive. The Germans will stay with people in Denaby, in many cases with the families of the ten who are taking their holiday in Olpe, and their entertainment will be provided by the Youth Centre.

Each boy and girl on the holiday has paid £13. The German authorities have paid £4 to each boy and girl as pocket money, and have paid their fares from Cologne to Olpe. To help with the return accommodation, the Denaby Youth Centre have raised E70, to pay German pocket money and fares from Harwich. Denaby and Cadeby branches of the each contributed £10. The Miners’ Welfare Committee added another £10. And Conisbrough Urban Council generously made up the difference.