Young Players Must Be “Nursed”: Hough

January 1966

Mexborough and Swinton Times, January 15, 1966

Young Players Must Be “Nursed”: Hough

The spoiling of young players who had their future ruined by a too early entry to big time soccer was emphasised by Mr Harry Hough, the former Barnsley goalkeeper and now manager of Denaby United, when he spoke at the club’s delegate meeting of the Fitzwilliam league at Hemsworth.

Mr Hough urged the youngsters to train, for this, he said, brought natural physical fitness, which should be foremost in the mind of anyone wishing to become a football league player. He did not agree with their hounding of young players by supposed football “scouts” at matches. He thought a lad must be graded through into maturity and not brought into an element for which he was not ready.


A frequent visitor to league meetings, Mr Hough also delighted his audience with reminiscences on his days with Barnsley, and answered questions on diplomacy in football, soccer bribery, the World Cup, and the allotment of the FA Cup tickets.

Mr Hugh was flanked by the chairman, Mr W. R. Duffy, who also apologised for the absence of the president, Mr L. Watson, through sickness