‘Younger End’ Doing Well At Denaby

November 1955

South Yorkshire Times Nov 26, 1955.

‘Younger End’ Doing Well At Denaby

Mr. Herbert Foster (President) told guests at the annual dinner of Denaby and Cadeby Athletic Club on Friday that the Committee were trying to get the services of one or two experienced cricketers to ‘help the younger ones along.’

Mr. Foster said he was very pleased with the progress of the younger end and if the players kept on trying the committee were prepared to give them all the encouragement necessary.

Referring to the past season. Mr. Foster, who played cricket for Denaby for 21 seasons, said that the first team had had some interesting matches, finishing in the top half of the Yorkshire Council.

The second team had started well, and were in a good position, but ‘first team calls put the chances of winning anything out of their grasp.’ However, ‘It is to be expected, for the second team is there to supplement the first team.’ He said the team finished in the top half of the Doncaster League Division One.’

Mr. Foster said the tennis section had a good season and won the Mexborough and District League Division 2.

The bowling teams had had an interesting and enjoyable season, although they had not won any trophies as a team.

Mr. Joe Lumb, of Sprotborough, a member of the Committee of the Yorkshire County Cricket Club wished the club the ‘best of luck’ for the coming season.

Mr. John Halford, agent to Denaby and Cadeby Collieries, said the Club had one of the finest cricket fields in the Yorkshire Council. He said that when all facilities were installed – washing and changing, etc. – there was a possibility that the County’s second team would play one of their matches in Denaby. ‘I think our appeal for second team matches will not fall on deaf ears when that day comes,’ said Mr. Halford.

Mr. Halford appealed to Club members to ‘rally round the committee. He said it would be impossible to obtain financial help unless members showed a willingness to maintain the ground.

Concluding, Mr. Halford said that Mr. Tom Hill, one of the best-known figures in the district, was ill and was unable to be present. Mr. Halford, on behalf of everyone present, sent best wishes to Mr. Hill for a speedy recovery.

Mr. Halford presented trophies to the six men in the tennis team who went through the Mexborough League without losing a game, Mr. George Nelson (capt.), Mr. Henry Hurd, Mr. Jack Downing, Mr, Geoff Mills, Mr. John Hurley and Mr. Jack Browning.