Youth Club is Open to All – Conisbrough Ministers Replies to Query

January 1955

South Yorkshire Times Jan 8

Youth Club is Open to All
Conisbrough Ministers Replies to Query

Mr. C Jackson, leader of Denaby and Conisbrough youth club asked the Rev K. Elliot Kendall at at last night’s meeting of Conisbrough Youth Council if the Wesley Church youth club was open to anyone.

Mr. Kendall said it was an open club run on the lines suggested by the Methodist youth department in London. He said it was not obligatory and some members of the club were not members of the church. It was not a condition of membership that a young person had to belong to the church although he did like members to attend the Sunday school or services at the church.
Mr Jackson said on your membership cards it states that members of the club must be church members to or words to that affect.

Mr Kendall said that the membership card referred to by Mr Jackson was printed at the very beginning of the club. On the card there were four points he said that roughly stated that a club member had to be a member of the church but that was only at the outset.

During the first six months the club was closed and only members of the Wesley church were allowed to join. This was an attempt to get the club going on firm basis before it was thrown open. He thought this was a wise measure, it does not matter really if you have a young person in an open or closed club presumably the West Riding Authority is supporting youth work so long as it is done well. The Christian inspiration in life if the basis of our youth work.