Conisbro’ Cricketers Aim to Build Clubhouse

South Yorkshire Times, March 12th, 1960

Conisbro’ Cricketers Aim to Build Clubhouse

The “splendid communal effort” of members of Conisbrough Cricket Club, who have raised more than £2,000 since the war, was praised by speakers at the annual dinner on Saturday, when it was revealed that it is now the main ambition of members to build their own clubroom.

“The Club” was proposed Mr. S. C, Hacking, J.P. Director and Editor of the “South Yorkshire Times”, who recalled that the club had already had an enjoyable “84 not out”, being founded in 1876 – a year before the “South Yorkshire Times” was founded.

Mr. Hacking said “What I specially admire about your club is the independent course you have steered – without subsidies from anyone for so many years. It is eleven years since you bought your own ground and nearly nine years since our late Chairman Mr. W. P. Turner opened it, in 1951.

“I know that a lot of good friends in Conisbrough helped with a loan but you had repaid all this by 1958 and I understand you have a balance of over £600 in hand which some day you hope to put towards the provision of a new clubhouse.”

Force for 30 years

Mr. Hacking added that what impressed him the most was the love of the game and the spirit of self-help which had kept the club going. “I understand that your playing members still pay their own expenses, and are always willing to work – and play for – the club.

It was for that reason Mr. Hacking said that Conisbrough had been a force to be reckoned with in the Doncaster Cricket league and district cricket generally for some thirty years. Mr. Hacking said that they all heard a lot about the work that was being done for the youth movement to-day. He had always thought that such organisations were a little artificial: what could be better than having a club of your own and encouraging young people to take an active and useful part.

He continued “I was going to say that Conisbrough owes you more than it realises.  But the support you got for your new ground fund shows that Conisbrough does realise the worth and value of its cricket club. I hope it always will – and that local enthusiasm will rise to the occasion with something extra in the way of support when your centenary comes along in 16 years.”

Dr. D. M. Bell responding said he would like to take the opportunity of congratulating Yorkshire on their “wonderful performance” last season.  It was by such displays Dr. Bell said, that interest in the game could be revitalised.

Dr. Bell said that Conisbrough had distinguished itself ever since entering the Doncaster and District league.  Last season was an excellent one from the playing point of view, with the first team coming near to winning the Doncaster League Championship, and the Conisbrough team winning the Mexborough Evening League.


Mr. H. S. Peet, Club Chairman, presented a coffee table to Mr. Douglas Turner, a Conisbrough player for 13 years who has left the district to live in Manchester.       Mr. Turner, a teacher at Openshaw Technical College, was Captain of the second eleven for the last four seasons.  Married with one daughter, Helen (2), he was employed at Denaby Main Colliery and latterly Davey United.

Mr. Peet said Mr. Turner was one of the players the club could ill afford to lose. He did a tremendous amount of voluntary work and could always be relied upon when help was needed.

A welcome to the visitors was offered by Mr. A. J. Chadwick.