Conisbrough Parish Council – Three More Changes


Left to Right: T.Hill, G.Starr, C.Bashforth, T.Haggar

Bottom Row: E Brooks, W.Tyas, J.Doran, S.C.Urch

Conisbrough Parish Council
Three More ChangesClean Sweep for Labour

The poll for the Conisbrough Parish Council was declared on Monday morning, when the following return was given by the returning officer, Jesse Hill

William Appleyard, farmer 431

Thomas Hill, checkweighman 385

Henrry Baker, brewer’s agent 365

S.C.Urch, miner 357

Ellis Brooke, miner 351

Charles Bashforth, checkweighman 329

Harry Lawton Smethurst, architect 321

George Starr, miner 306

Walter Tyas, miner 296

John Doran, miner 281

T.N.Haggar, miner 275

Arthur Moody, licensed victualler 259

William Isaac Gibbs, hotel manager 225

Not Elected

William Henry Jones 221

W.B.Wells 198

W.W.Norwood 197

Vincent Rose 176

Ralph Williamson 172

W.H.Barwell 163

Reginald Troughton 152

James M.Haye 148

Thomas Rogerson Booth 131

George Gregory 119

G.F.Jacobs 96

W.H.Shacklock 84

Edward Hunt 69

Once more the personnel of the Council is considerably altered. Three changes are made in the list approved by the Parish meeting.

Mr.Henry Baker comes into his own, and is returned to the Parish Council, after three years absence, by a substantial majority. This is the more surprising in view of the poor support he got at the parish meeting. Once again it is evident that Mr.Baker has been working hard, and that he has employed one candidature to help the other.

Mr Gibbs, though unsuccessful in the Rural Council election, gets home alright in the Parish Council election, and he also succeeds in reversing the decision of the Parish meeting.

The poll enhances the triumph of the Labour people, who have been very busy throughout the election. They succeeded in getting 7 of their 8 nominees in at the parish meeting, but they went further and got the lot in at the poll, the last sheep to be gathered into the fold being Mr. John Doran. So that Labour has now eight votes in a council of 13.

This coterie of Labour Parish Councillors has undertaken to go in for urban powers for Conisbrough straight away, so that ere long we should see in the shaping a much needed reform.

Messrs Baker, Doran and Gibbs dispossess Messrs Jones, Norwood and Williamson. Two of the latter, Messrs Williamson and Norwood, are old Parish Councillors and it is a pity they have to go. After all the reshuffling there remain six of the old Parish Council on a Board of thirteen.