Council Aid Denaby United and Youth Council

South Yorkshire Times, October 3rd


Denaby United football club and Conisbrough Youth Council Soapbox Derby experts will get a helping hand from the local urban council.

The council have approved highways committee recommendation to loan the football club a bulldozer to prepare training grounds and to instruct the surveyor to arrange for repairs of the Northcliffe crags soapbox derby track.

Denaby United said they were short of funds and asked the council for the loan of the bulldozer to level a mound of ashes at the Catholic Church end of the ground to enable space to be used as an additional training grounds.

The club will be allowed free use of the bulldozer and the council workmen will supervise its use

The Youth Council said that the pathway used for the soapbox derby had deteriorated and would require repair before another event of this kind could be staged and the Highways Committee decided to attend to the matter as much for the public benefits as for the youth council events.