Helping Disabled People (pictures)

South Yorkshire Times, September 12

For Disabled People

To raise money for the Disabled People’s fund five Denaby girls; Sandra Leak (12), Glynis Wake (11), Dorcas Allen (11), Carol Cooke (10) and her friend Lynn held a jumble sale last week which raised £7. The effort was held at the home of Glynis’ grandmother Mrs. Elisabeth Wake of 28 Denaby Avenue.

She told the south Yorkshire times that last year a concert was organised to raise money but this year it had been decided to hold a jumble sale.

South Yorkshire Times, September 12

Helping Disabled People

Conisbrough children Susan Throne (10) and Yvonne Wilkinson (9) of 23 and 29 Roberts Avenue raised 16s 10d for Disabled People on Saturday, the proceeds of a jumble sale they organised.

The money has been forwarded to the National Disabled People’s society in London.

Ten friends and two adults supported the event held on the front lawn of Yvonne’s house. This is the second money raising effort they have staged.

The first was a concert was given in a kitchen last autumn because of the cold weather. It raised 2/6 for the Freedom from Hunger Campaign.

Susan attends Station Road School, Conisbrough and Yvonne is a pupil at the St Albans Roman Catholic School, Denaby.

On September 26th they will hold another jumble sale for diabetics.