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August 1967

1967 – August

Denaby Ings becomes a Nature Reserve, Wellgate £300,000 project nears completion, Denaby Fancier wins Federation prize, Weddings, Youth Week, Denaby & Cadeby Sports, Indoor League Prizes presented by Alan Simpson, Denaby & Cadeby hold Elsecar to draw and United win first game in higher Division

and many thanks to Renata Gorska for helping with the transcription

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August 1957

1957 – August

1957 August – Cycling Holidays, Tom Hill Youth good in Germany, Scouts Badge of plants in Memorial Park, Butterfly Catching at the Castle, Eltsac Chimney Demolished and note from builders found, Keystone Cops Fire Engine retired, Pit Pony  wins Best Horse  in Dearne Show, Mystery Fountain on Low Road, Benefit Match Ruined

and many thanks to Elishia Beachill for helping with the transcription

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July 1947

1947 – July

In one week 3,000 go to Cleethorpes, New Headmaster at Boys Modern School, No Armchairs for Teachers, Young woman dies after having all her teeth out, Young delinquent scared to go home, prospects good for cricket and football

and many thanks to Jack Beachill for helping with the transcription

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July 1937

1937 – July

Potted History of last 60 years, 25th Anniversay of Cadeby Disaster with last Survivor, Young Haulage Hands cause stoppage at Pits, Hospital Demonstration and Denaby Salvationists, Denaby and Cadeby going well

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August 1927

1927 – August

 Council struggle with Housing demand, Echoes of past with scalding, birch, miner buried and trap accident with cows, New Vicar welcomed, Teacher in court over Maintenance, Bowls and Tennis Champions, Cricket ends with flourish and United to do better

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August 1917

1917 – August

Seven more Casualties, injured and missing, Military Medal for Sergeant, Description of the battle for the Mines of Messines, Denaby Jon Juan, married with girlfriends in Swinton and Keighley, Gas Meter Breaker & Courtroom singer, Mine Offences and Domestic Problems

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July 1907

1907- July 

Council debate whether smoking should be allowed, Another youth dies, this time  mysteriously at the Pit, Spurned man jumps off viaduct, Gambling and Bounce Ball Fines, United prepare well for next season as the cricket team fizzles out

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August 1897

1897 – August

Courtroom battle when a boy dies at Pit, Council discuss water & bridge, School Board review Inspector’s visit & a deaf dumb child, Miners go to Hull & Liverpool, Stone laid for New Catholic Church, Music from Wesleyan Anniversary & Sprotborough Hall visit, Accidents, Assaults and Drowning

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August 1887

1887 – August

Forbidding of the bans, suicide, followed by man in from fields to wed and vicar recalled, Widowed mother elopes, children in workhouse and prison & hard labour results, 1300 miners at Liverpool, Churchmen at Scarborough, pig restrictions, rabbit coursing, Castle works

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