One of the Queen’s Pigeons – Denaby “stray”

South Yorkshire Times, March 26, 1955

One of the Queen’s Pigeons
Denaby “stray”

Denaby has had a royal visitor for the past two weeks, but there have been no flags or buntings out and not many folk knew of “his” presence.

The visitor, a red cock pigeon belonging to the Queen, was found a fortnight ago by Clifford Shephard (16), a building apprentice, and son of Coun. R. H. Shepard of 5, Tickhill Street, Denaby.

It flew into a loft belonging to Clifford, at Fullerton allotments. Noticing the number on the ring attached to the birds foot N.U.R.P. 54 K.L. D. 373 Clifford, who is an associate member of the homing Society, approached the older members and was told it belong to the Royal Lofts at Sandringham and received an acknowledgment.

Clifford quickly dispatched an acknowledgment. But last weekend he personally received a letter from the manager of the lofts (Mr E. W. Steele) thanking him for the information and including 3s postal order for the birds carriage home.

So on Monday, afternoon the pigeon was placed on a Sandringham bound train after a two week stay at Denaby.