Prize Fight at Denaby – Kilmartin v Dalton

Mexborough and Swinton Times March 22, 1895

Prize Fight at Denaby
Kilmartin v Dalton
Dalton Wins in 12 Rounds

On Saturday morning, in the park at Denaby, a prize fight took place between two miners of Denaby, “Jack” Kilmartin and “Jim” Dalton, in which after 12 stubbornly contested rounds victory rested with the last named.

Kilmartin has not previously appeared in the ring, but Dalton has taken part in more than one battle, and on Saturday when he toed the scratch he bore facial evidence of a very recent encounter, again, it is said, in a battle with another miner named “Red Ned” Flannery whom he knocked out in six rounds.

Kilmartin was two stones heavier when the two stepped into the ring on Saturday, while he had considerable advantage in the reach, although as Dalton ways above 11 stones neither of the combatants can be regarded as chickens.

Notwithstanding Kilmartin’s advantages, however, the battle was all in favour of Dalton, who could it is man as he pleased, while the “big un” seldom got at “Jimmy” although then came none too soon for Dalton, who was obviously weak and groggy at the finish.

The following are details of the Fight:

Round 1
Dalton led off with a left on Jack’s nose, and is writing his ribs, smartly getting away from Kilmartin, who made a rush, but only to be stopped with Dalton’s left on his chin, which staggered him, and before he could gather himself, he receive the right on the ribs again. Then Jack’s left and shut out at Dalton’s head but it was short, once more Dalton’s left visited his opponents nose. Both clinched and fell.

Round 2
Dalton again let go is left on Jack’s dial, and Mr grand opening with his right. Kilmartin won’t freeze man again, but only to meet Dalton’s left on the nose, eyes right on the shoulder. Then a spell of hard short arm hitting ensued, Dalton falling to avoid punishment.

Round 3
Once again Dalton’s left found Jack’s nose, which began to swell, and his right jabbed Kilmartin stomach, Dalton cleverly stepping out of reach. Jack lost his temper and made a rush, only to meet Dalton’s left on the nose again, and is right once more on his ribs, Jimmy cleverly ducking to avoid a counter. Still this did not stop Jack, who had more strength than science, for he made another rush at Jimmy, only to nap a heavy one on the forehead from Dalton’s left. Jimmy landed at the same time with the right on the chest, Kilmartin going down, and ended a round which there had only been six blows struck.
Round 4
Dalton again led with his left but for the first time missed, and they clinch followed, both men being ordered to their corners.

Round 5
Two minutes were spent in sparring for an opening, when Dalton led, landing with the right heavily on Jack’s ribs, his left landing on the chest again. Jack got in the right on Dalton’s shoulder, causing him to half turn round, and before he could gather himself Kilmartin’s left found his ribs, sending them to grass and the big un smiled.

Round 6
Dalton led again with the right to the chest and then with a straight left on the neck, which made Jack’s eyes water. Kilmartin tried with the right but was short. Dalton then went for his man in fine style, landing smartly with his left on the mouth, and bringing his right round with a swinging blow on the side of the head, follow this up with a sharp left and right on the ribs, both men going down in a heap.

Round 7
Kilmartin led with his right but was short. More sparring, and then Kilmartin led again but was short once more, and Dalton got home with his left on Jack’s face, and try to get his right on the ribs but slipped, Jack missing a knockout blow, for Dalton was at his mercy, but he only landed lightly his right on Dalton’s ribs, and with his left hand open on the top of his head. So ended around that ought to have ended the fight.

Round 8 to 12
from the seventh round Kilmartin never had a look in, Dalton hitting him as he pleased, and after the 11th round Kilmartin came from his corner, across the Dalton’s corner and wanted to know the reason Dalton would not stand up and fight fair, instead of dodging and ducking, and skipping about the ring, but as he only got laughed at for his pains he tried to look as pleased as his damaged face would allow him. In the 12th round Dalton again sent his left onto Jack’s face, and his right on his breast. Jack let go with his life, but it fell short, and Dalton then sent in is left on Kilmartin’s chin, but fell short with the right, Kilmartin countering lightly with his left on Dalton’s breast.Then Dalton sent his left on the dial and his right in the stomach.
On time being called the 13th round Kilmartin conceded the fight.