1892 Quarter 1

Industry and Commerce

Supper at Conisborough

Meeting of Parishioners – A Recommendation.


Peace and Prosperity to the Inhabitants of Denaby Main

Death of Duke of Clarence and Avondale

Death of Duke of Clarence – District Sympathy

Historical Diary – 01 January Anniversaries

Historical Diary – 02 February Anniversaries

Historical Diary – 03 March Anniversaries

Historical Diary – 04 April Anniversaries

Historical Diary – 05 May Anniversaries

Historical Diary – 06 June Anniversaries

Historical Diary – 07 July Anniversaries

Historical Diary – 08 August Anniversaries

Historical Diary – 09 September Anniversaries

Historical Diary – 10 October Anniversaries

Historical Diary – 11 November Anniversaries

Historical Diary – 12 December Anniversaries

Don and Dearne Valley Directory

Crime and Courts

Drunk and Disorderly

Drunkenness at Denaby

Sad Case of Attempted Suicide at Conisborough

Breaking a Man’s Jaw at Mexborough


Conisborough Town 2 Gainsborough Trinity Reserve 3

Rawmarsh Parish Church 5  Denaby 3 – Conisborough Town 1  Hexthorpe 1


Paraffin Lamp Explosion – Woman Killed – Son Injured.

Accidents from Paraffin Lamps

Explosion of Paraffin Lamp at Denaby – Woman Killed – Son Injured.

Serious Accident at Old Denaby

Mr Ogley’s Coming of Age

Industry and Commerce

Denaby Main Colliery – Description of Workings

Denaby Main Colliery – Seams Worked


Cantata at Denaby Main.

Denaby Main – A Miner’s Paradise

Crime and Courts

Wife Assault at Denaby

Drunk and Disorderly at Conisborough

The Attempted Suicide at Conisborough

Missing Cakes at a Conisborough Confectioner Establishment

Assault at Denaby Main Colliery

Breaking a Man’s Jaw at Mexborough


Gainsborough Trinity Reserve  2 Conisborough 1

Sheffield and Hallamshire Minor Cup – Conisborough Disqualified.

Industry and Commerce

The Crisis in the Coal Trade – Mexborough District

Denaby & Conisborough Highways – Further Complaints – Colliery Company’s Liability.


The Vicar is to Leave

Good Friday Expectations

Crime and Courts

Another Case from Denaby Main.

Breach of Colliery Rules

How the Collier “Touched” the Pony.

Stopping Denaby Pit for a Lark

Stealing Coal at Denaby Main – A Costly Lump.


Conisborough Football Club

Sheffield & Hallamshire F. A. – Result of the Conisborough Case