1892 Quarter 2

Industry and Commerce

South Yorkshire and the Hull Coal Trade – The Miners’ “Stop” Week

Burial Board & Self Government


Altered Townships

“Dry” after the Play at Conisborough

The Easter Week End – The Weather

Crime and Courts

A Dangerous Freak on the Railway at Conisborough

Alleged Breach of the Licensing Act at Conisborough – Hard Swearing

Breach of Rules at Denaby Main Colliery

Breach of the Weights and Measures Act at Conisborough

Drunk and Disorderly at Mexborough & Conisborough

Drunk and in Danger at Denaby.

Drunk at Mexborough and Conisborough

“Good Friday” at Conisborough

Making an Affray at Denaby

A Determined Fight at Conisborough

Miners’ Quarrel at Denaby

Industry and Commerce

Mexborough Local Board – The Small Pox Epidemic


Presentations to the Vicar of Conisborough

Small-Pox at Denaby.

Small-Pox Epidemic at Denaby Main

The Small-Pox Epidemic.

Crime and Courts

Wife Assault at Denaby

An Expensive Fight at Denaby

Conisborough School Cases

Damage at Denaby

Damaging a Fence at Denaby

Denaby Man Injured at Doncaster


Gambling at Conisborough

Nowhere to Go

Public House Row at Denaby

Sensational Unrehearsed Performance at Conisborough.

A Young Thief at Denaby

Theft of Money at Denaby

Alleged Assault at Conisborough

Alleged Assault at Denaby Colliery

Alleged Cowardly Attack on a Sister at Conisborough

An Assault at Denaby.

Assault at Conisborough

Brutal Assault on a Young Lady At Kilnhurst – Details of Outrage

Brutal Assault on a Young Lady At Kilnhurst – Local Tradesman Arrested


Clifton  40  Conisborough  24

Kimberworth  96 Denaby  68                  


Sad Death at Denaby Main Powder Works.

Industry and Commerce

Death of a Powder Worker at Denaby.

Sad Death at Denaby Main Powder Works.

The Development of the Railways


Change in Clergy

Rev. J. G. Wood Farewell Sermon at Conisborough.

Mexborough Feast

Small-Pox At Denaby

Smallpox at Mexborough and Denaby

The Small-Pox Epidemic at Denaby and Mexbro’.

Whitsuntide at Conisborough.

Whitsuntide Festivities

Crime and Courts

Relations at Loggerheads – Conflicting Testimony

Disorderly and Refusing to Quit at Denaby




Gaming At Denaby.

Unmuzzled Dogs

Wilful Damage at Conisborough

A Scene in the Conisbrough Theatre

Alleged Assault on a Landlady at Denaby

The Kilnhurst Outrage – Hewitt Before the Magistrates – Committed For Trial


Denaby Main  89  Wath  37