1892 Quarter 3


Accident at Conisborough Station

Industry and Commerce

Accident at Denaby Main.

Miner’s Demonstration

New Explosive Magazine at Denaby.


Small Pox in Denaby

Crime and Courts

A Father’s Difficulty.

Alleged Assault and Threats at Conisborough

Boys Throwing Stones

Contradictory Evidence

Damaging Mowing Grass at Denaby.

Drunk and Disorderly at Conisbrough

Drunkenness at Conisborough.

Theft by a Housekeeper at Conisborough

Alleged Robbery at Denaby – Conisborough Miner Committed For Trial.

Alleged Theft at Denaby

Larceny by a Bailee at Conisbrough

Assault at Denaby

The Kilnhurst Outrage – Hewitt’s Trial – 1. Severe Criticism

The Kilnhurst Outrage – Hewitt’s Trial – 2. The Prosecuting Barrister’s Address

The Kilnhurst Outrage – Hewitt’s Trial – 3. The Evidence

Industry and Commerce

Shocking Fatality at the Conisborough Glassworks

Hull Coal Trade – Falling Off of the Traffic.

New Cadeby Colliery

Medical Officer’s Report

Crime and Courts

A Denaby Miner Fined for Taking Matches into the Pit.

A Foolish Act.

A Superior Pit Pony at Denaby Main

Conisborough Case Dismissed

Conisbrough Landlord and his Servants.

Cruelty to a Pit Pony at Denaby

Disobedient Miners at Denaby

The Result of a Peep Through a Window at Conisborough.

Trespassing on the M.S. and L. Railway

Young Man Tired of Life – The Inquest.

Alleged Robbery at Denaby – Miner Committed For Trial.

Alleged Robbery from the Person at Denaby

Dastardly Outrage by Thieves near Mexborough.

The Theft and Assault at Harlington.

Theft of a Watch and Chain at Conisborough.

Theft of Bottles of Beer at Conisborough

Scene on the Wedding Day at Conisborough


Conisborough 106 Denaby Main 54 for 5

Conisboro’ 95 Swinton 86

Prize Fight Near Mexborough.

Industry and Commerce

A Warning to Miners.

Cadeby Moving Forward

Junction Line at Wrangbrook

Mining Intelligence – Colliery Operations in the Mexborough District

Conisborough’s New Cemetery.

The Lighting Question – Ratepayers Meeting -Lively Proceedings


Sacred Concert at Denaby Main

Crime and Courts

A Cobbler in Trouble

Aggravated Assault

Breaches of Colliery Rules at Denaby Main


Fighting – A Family Affair – Drunk

Grave Charge against a Labourer.

Mining Breaches of Rules

A Strange Story from Conisborough

Alleged Theft of a Watch at Conisborough

Robbery by a Lodger at Conisborough


Local Cricket – September 02nd, 1892