August 1902


Golden Wedding – Mr & Mrs Senior

Industry and Commerce

The “Bag Dirt” Strike – Soup Kitchen for Mexboro’

The “Bag Dirt” Strike – Bread & Soup

The “Bag Dirt” Strike – Feeding the Children.

The “Bag Dirt” Strike – Meeting with Mr Chambers – 6th Week of Stoppage

The “Bag Dirt” Strike – Meeting with Mr Chambers – Memorandum

The “Bag Dirt” Strike – Meeting with Mr Chambers – Price List

The “Bag Dirt” Strike – The Strike and Children

The “Bag Dirt” Strike – Slight Disturbances

The “Bag Dirt” Strike – Seventh Week of the Stoppage

The “Bag Dirt” Strike – Mass Meeting of Men

The “Bag Dirt” Strike – Further Summonses

The “Bag Dirt” Strike – Meeting of Miners’ Wives

The “Bag Dirt” Strike – Ninth Week of the Stoppage


Denaby Main Notes.- South Africa – Drum & Fife Band

Marconigrams – August 01st, 1902

Conisborough School Board

Coronation Day Passes Quietly (picture)

Denaby Notes – Sick and Dividing Clubs – New Engine House

Marconigrams – August 08th, 1902

Marconigrams – August 15th, 1902

Marconigrams – August 22nd, 1902

Marconigrams – August 29th, 1902

Return of Denaby Soldiers from South Africa.

Crime and Courts

Alleged Assault at Denaby

Alleged Intimidation.

Alleged Threats

Catapults at Conisborough.

Denaby and Cadeby Strike – Police Court Sequel. Assault on a Police-Sergeant.

Drunk at Conisborough

Drunks and Disorderly – Obscene & Abusive Language

Forty-Two More Miners Summoned.

One Sequel to the Denaby Strike

Refusing to Quit at Conisboro’

Well Merited Punishment

Wounding a Pigeon

Wrong Person At Denaby.

Mail Driver Sent To Prison.

Alleged Assault at Denaby.

New Conisborough Man Sent to Prison – Assault on the Police


Denaby & Cadeby – Rawmarsh  69  Denaby 73 for 2

Denaby & Cadeby – Mitchell Main  136  Denaby & Cadeby 137 for 6 – Champions Defeated

Mexborough & District Cricket League Results – August 23rd, 1902

Mexbro’ and District League – August 29th, 1902

Mexborough League Results – August 30th 1902