September 1902


Child Run Over At Mexboro’.

Shocking Death of a Denaby Man – Falls Sixty Feet Into a Quarry.

Painful Event – Husband and Wife Die Within Few Hours Of Each Other.

Industry and Commerce

The Hull Coal Trade – Serious Decline of Traffic.

Denaby and Cadeby Strike – 10th Week of the Great Struggle

Denaby and Cadeby Strike – 12th Week of The Stoppage – Communication with Chambers

Denaby and Cadeby Strike – 13th Week of Stoppage – Remarkable Letter from Mr. W. H. Chambers

The “Bag Dirt” Strike – More Miners Summoned – 317 Orders Made.

The “Bag Dirt” Strike – Miner’s Meeting

The “Bag Dirt” Strike – Proposed New Price List

The “Bag Dirt” Strike – Further Prosecutions.


Camp Life at Conisboro’ Cliffs.

Conisboro ‘ School Board – Presence of a Woman

Marconigrams – September 05th, 1902

Marconigrams – September 12th, 1902

Marconigrams – September 19th, 1902

Marconigrams – September 26th, 1902

Crime and Courts

Denary Bookmaker Sent To Prison.

Women’s Squabble at Denaby.

Conisborough and Denaby Drunks.

Conisboro’ School Board Member Summoned – Drunk and Disorderly.

Cruelty at Conisboro’.

Drunk in the Ferry Boat Inn at Mexborough

Impudent Reply at Denaby


Mexborough and Conisborough Drunks

Obscene Language.

Wilful Damage – A Sequel to the Howden Assault Case

Coal Stealers Caught at Denaby.

Stealing Fruit at Denaby


Local Cricket Results – September 5th, 1902

Denaby Utd – Denaby  2  Barnsley Reserves 0 – First Home Match