1912 Quarter 4

Industry and Commerce

Crushed Between Falls – Contractor Killed

Fatal Disobedience – Death in a Subterranean Shaft – Killed by the Cage

Conisborough Baths – Opposition Tactics.


Marconigrams – October 12th, 1912

Marconigrams – October 19th, 1912

Marconigrams – October 26th, 1912

Crime and Courts

Unhappy Home – Glassblower Sent To Prison – Shocking Story

Afraid of the Cadeby Mine – “A Smell of Sulphur and Gas.”

Assault in the Mine

Breach of Rules at Cadeby Pit

Court Briefs

Denaby Main and Conisborough School Irregulars

Drunk and Disorderly

Even More Drunk & Disorderly

Unparliamentary Language

Without A Licence

Mexborough Market Thefts


Denaby Utd – Leeds City Reserve  3  Denaby 0 – Denaby Disappointing


Denaby Landlord’s Failure

Loss to Denaby Main – Popular Cricketer – Tributes to Mr. Percy Bury.


Marconigrams – November 23rd, 1912

Crime and Courts

Another Month

About Dogs.

After Game at Denaby – Rabbits that were “bought”

Breach of Signalling Rules.

Colliery Offences at the Cadeby Pit – A Broken Safety Lamp

Colliery Prosecutions – Destructive Pit Boys

Drunk and Disorderly

Drunk at Denaby

Drunk & Incapable

Game Trespass at High Melton

Goldthorpe Man’s Bad Record

Mexborough Drunks

Mexborough Language

Mexborough Miners

Miners – Do what they Liked

New Conisbrough Woman’s Language

Obscene Language

Other Words.

Special Rule Four – Drawing Timber

Coal Stealing at Conisborough – Precocious Lad – Birch Rod

Assault at Denaby – Dispute Over Money Leads To A Fight


Denaby Utd – Denaby 7  Notts County Reserve  2 – Denaby Brilliant

Denaby Utd – Worksop Town  3  Denaby 1 – Denaby Again Defeated

Denaby Utd – Denaby  0  Chesterfield Res  3 – Champions Successful.

Industry and Commerce

The Cadeby Disaster – End of the Inquiry – Cusworth’s Pocketbook

The Cadeby Disaster – End of the Inquiry – Inspectors Important Conclusions


Conisboro’ Joint Hospital Board – Bentley- Alterations – Medical Officer

Review of the Year – Leading Local Events

Marconigrams – December 07th, 1912

Marconigrams – December 14th, 1912

Review of the Year – Cadeby Disaster – Coal Strike – Royal Visit – Titanic

Crime and Courts

Breach of Contract – Case Dismissed Against Conisbrough Miner

Conisbrough Pit Corporal’s Claim

Court Briefs

Mexborough Mothers Claim

No Ticket – Insurance Agent made to pay – Caught at Conisbrough

Conisbrough Errand Boy – An Interesting Case


Denaby Utd – Sheffield Wednesday Reserve 2 Denaby 2 – Denaby’s Gallant Effort