1919 Quarter 1


Wedding –Norwood & Broad – Popular Conisboro’ Bride

Industry and Commerce

Deputy Killed by Fall of Stone


Denaby Main Institute – Lucky Denaby – An attractive scheme

Crime and Courts

Altered His Pay Sheet,

Heavy Fine on Beer Retailer.

Birch for Shopbreaking.


Mexborough Cricket League – Denaby & Cadeby Withdraw


Soldier – Hurton A. – Missing (picture)

Soldier – Kay, William – Missing (picture)

Soldier – Laycock F – Denaby Main – Killed (picture)

Soldier – Winfield J. – Died in Mespotania of Pneumonia (picture)

Haigh, Joseph – Denaby O.B.E. (picture)

Soldier – Pickett J.– Awarded Military Cross (picture)


Death from Shock from Burns

Golden Wedding – Mr. and Mrs. T. Weston. (picture)

Industry and Commerce

Fatal Pit Accident.

Williamson, Herbert – To become Chief Engineer at Staveley

National Kitchen at Denaby Main


Conisborough Schools Closed.

Crime and Courts

Alleged Conisboro’ Bigamist – Committed for trial

Separation & Maintenance Order – Thrice Refused.

Ex-Mayor Charged – Important Meat Prosecution at Doncaster.

Miners and Income tax.

Boys Out of Control

Firewood Theft

Theft of Potatoes.


Denaby Honour – O.B.E.for Munition Works (picture)

Welcome Home – Denaby & Cadeby Prisoners Feted


Conisborough Man’s splendid Record – Saved 14 lives (picture)

Scott, Walter – Death of War Veteran (picture)

Industry and Commerce

Denaby Miner’s Project – New System of Coal Carting


Vicar of Denaby Leaving

Crime and Courts

Took Wedding Ring Off.

Girl’s Awakening – Allegations against Miner who Took Marriage Lines

A Pick Up and a Run.

Plucky Women.

No Sunday Fighter


Denaby & Cadeby C.C.