1919 Quarter 3

Industry and Commerce

£117 for Loss Of Son.

Coal Strike Local Situation – Industry Running Down. Mines Calm & Orderly

Coal Miner’s Strike – Mines Quickly Flooding.

Conisbrough Parish Council


Hospital Demonstration – Miners and Mr. Walton, M.P.

Don and Dearne Districts – Peace Day

Local Peace Rejoicings (9 pictures)

Peace Day – Denaby Left in Lurch but Rose to Occasion

Crime and Courts

Persistant Cruelty

Vanished Purse – A Shipley Shopping Sequel.


Denaby & Cadeby – Denaby 213 for 7 Frickley 15 for 0

Misunderstanding Prevents Win (picture)


Soldier – Whitaker, Alfred – Missing now Reported Killed ((picture)

James Chadwick – Missing now reported Killed (picture)

Kilner Bros, Conisborough M.M. ‘S.

Gallant Soldiers – Presentations at Conisbrough


Boy’s Body in Canal.

Industry and Commerce

Yorkshire Coal Strike – Definite Settlement. – Work Resumed on Monday

Crime and Courts

Wife Thrashing – Husband Alleged to Have Stood on Woman’s Face.

Alleged Highway Robbery

Boy Burgulars – Amazing Denaby Exploits

Fowl Stealing – Alleged Offence Against Conisborough Miner

Stealing Coal from Colliery Sidings.

A Peace Day Celebration’.

Assault and Robbery.

Doncaster Merry Making Party.

Miner’s Attack on Sergeant.


Tributes to Heroes

Conisbrough and Denaby Warriors – Enthusiastic Homecoming – Touching Tribute to the Dead


New Club at Conisborough – Conisborough Athletic

Denaby & Cadeby 190 for 4 Yorkshire Main 147

Industry and Commerce

Doncaster Races

Conisboro’s Development.

For and Against.


Induction of Rev Harry Lee (picture)

Denaby Main Allotment Holders’ Show

Crime and Courts

A Boy’s Maintenance

Lame on All Legs.

Orchard Robbers Fined

Robbery with Violence – Third Man Arrested

The Alleged Highway Robbery


Soldier – Chadwick, James – Reported Killed (picture)

Soldier – Whittaker, Alfred – Reported Killed (picture)

The Victoria Cross Deed


Denaby United & Lesley Hofton

The English Cup. – How Local Clubs Fared in Extra Preliminary Round.


“Mickey” Bennett.- Death Of A Noted Mexboro’ Footballer. Military Funeral.