1931 Quarter 3


Baths Accident.

Denaby Main Youth as Stowaway.

Wedding – Sharp & Ogley (picture) – A Picturesque Conisborough Wedding

Wedding – Willis & Dryden (picture)

Industry and Commerce

Appeal to Denaby Miners.

The Pride  of the Pit. (picture)

Conisboro’ Glass Works Veterans (picture)

Veteran Glass Workers -15 Kilners’ Men Share 800 Years’ Service – Industrial Pioneers.

Conisborough Council and Its Employees.


Canon Leteux – Roman Catholic Priest Leaving Conisborough

A Hospital Fellowship (picture)

Denaby Hospital Sports

Denaby Hospital Sports (pictures)

Good old Mexborough, Denaby, and Conisborough,

No Short Weight (picture)

Crime and Courts

Assault on Constable.


Wrestling and Boxing – Spirited Contests on Denaby United Ground.

Denaby & Cadeby – Bullcroft Main 201  Denaby . 214 for 7 – Win at Bullcroft.

Referee Declares “No Contest” at Denaby.

Denaby & Cadeby – Mexborough. 147 Denaby 148 for 6 – Four Wickets to Spare


Bus in Ditch – Twenty-five Passengers in Mexborough Vehicle

Conisborough Fatality – Extraordinary Circumstances in Boy’s Death.

Fatal Stumble – Boy’s Death from Broken Neck.

Retirement of Cadeby Veteran (picture)

Industry and Commerce

Retiring Station Master – Remarkable Railway Record of Family.


New Wesleyan Minister (picture)

Wesleyan Minister’s Retirement.

Woman Organist at Conisborough.

Children’s Day Out – 15 Coaches

Brighter Denaby

Conisboro’ Causerie – August 21, 1931

Crime and Courts

Smart Sentences on Doncaster Poachers.


Contests at Denaby Main.

Denaby & Cadeby – Denaby 111 Wath 113 for 7 – Dour Struggle For Wath.

Midland League Results – August 31st 1931


Girl’s Death Mystery – Poser for Coroner’s Jury at Denaby.

Wedding – Joyner  & Pikett (picture)

Wedding – Kelsall (84) & Salmons (74)

Commissioner’s Camp – District Scouts at Clumber.

Industry and Commerce

20 Years At Colliery – Cadeby Main Under-Manager to Retire.


Castle by Night – Striking Effects of Floodlighting at Conisborough.

Conisborough Notes – Church Matters

Vicar Going West

Conisborough Notes – Woman Organist

Conisborough Notes – Pubs & Clubs

Conisborough Notes. – Hawkers & Footpaths

Weekend Floods – In the Days of the Flood – ” Flood Friday.”

Last Post

Marconigrams – September 18th, 1931

Marconigrams – September 4th 1931

South Yorkshire Times and Mexborough and Swinton Times

“South Yorkshire Times” – Memories of Early Days – An Old Friend of the Paper

Weekend Floods – Adventures in Dufton’s Row (pictures)

Weekend Floods – Off to School on Monday Morning (picture)

Weekend Floods – Railway Under Water

Weekend Floods – Tragedy and Comedy

Weekend Floods – Woman’s Gallantry – Pickaback Rescues

Weekend Floods – Worst for Generations – Recollections of Other Floods

Crime and Courts

Student’s Smash – Dangerous Driving Case Dismissed.

Young Brigands – Conisboro’ Lads Widespread Looting.


Denaby & Cadeby – Well Done Wath – At The Top of The Table

Denaby Utd – Denaby  6  Scarborough  1 – Scarboro’ Skittled.

Denaby Utd – Frickley Colliery  3  Denaby 2 – Better Team Work Wins.

Midland League Results – September 7th, 1931

Denaby Utd – Denaby 2 Scunthorpe  2 – Scunthorpe Deserved Draw

Midland League Results – September 14th, 1931

Penalty Scorer Walker

Midland League Results – September 28th, 1931

Denaby Utd – Lincoln City Reserves  6  Denaby United  2 – Sharp- Shooting Forwards


A Floodlight Sidelight. (picture)