January Stories included:
Conisborough v Swinton Albion
– Kicked a Goal to win the Match
Denaby Main Miners
Denaby Main Miners Strike
Library and Reading Room
W Rice Oxley obtains degree at Oxford
Water v Alcohol
– Wesleyan Band of Hope
– Appeal for Support
– First – Meeting of the Men.
– Letter from Buckingham Pope
– Second Meeting of the Men
– The Men on Strike
– The 5% , Packing Pay
– The Crisis at Denaby
– Chuck ‘em into t’Cut !
– The Railway’s Response
– Third Meeting of the Men



February Stories include:

Collier sent to Prison for Neglect of Family.
Colliery Accidents – Henry Poxon and Maurice Dunn
Conisborough Farm Labourer Assaulted.
Conisborough Primitive Methodist Chapel Anniversary.
Denaby Main C.C. – Election of Officers
Fire Engine
Horticultural and Cottage Gardeners Association.
Temperance Meeting.
The Storm
Dispute – ‘Scene’ with Visitors
Dispute – A ‘Scene’ at the Colliery
Dispute – Decision of the Council
Dispute – Manager’s Desire to Settle Matters Reported
Dispute – Miners to Return to Work
Dispute – The Relief Fund – How Matters now Stand



March Stories include:

Assaulting a Miner and his Wife at Denaby.
Colliery Accident. – Cage Conductor Broke
Conisborough Horticultural Gardeners Society.
Conisborough School Board – Staff and Salary Reduction
Drunkenness – P.C. takes Drunk in Wheelbarrow to Mexborough
Fatal Accident at the Colliery – 17 year old Thomas Dagnall
Meeting Of Denaby Main Miners – Sliding Scale
Meeting Of Denaby Main Miners – Sliding Scale (2)
Shove Tuesday Football at Conisborough



April Stories include:

Alleged Murderous Assault at Conisborough.
Alleged Murderous Attack upon a Farmer at Conisborough.
Brutal Treatment of a Pony
Conisborough 4 Eastwood 2
Conisborough Public Houses – Police Raids
Conisborough School Board
Drunk on Good Friday at Conisborough.
Football Dispute – Doncaster v Conisborough
Good Friday
Methodist Anniversary
Proposed Reduction in the Miners Wages
Publicans Charged
Riots at the Denaby Main Colliery – Grave Allegations against Company.
Season’s Fixtures
Season’s Fixtures
Serious Charges against Collier
Traction Engine on the Highway at Conisborough
Young Woman found Drowned in River
Dispute – Meeting with Manager
Dispute – Proposed Reduction In Wages At Denaby Main Colliery.
Denaby Main – Bethel Church 51 Denaby 57 for 6



May Stories include:

Assaulting a Denaby Lad because he refused to sing.
Drunk on Licensed Premises
Kilner Brothers win Order of Merit
Lady Like Proceedings at Conisborough.
Conisborough CC – Conisborough 69 Aldwarke 50
Conisborough CC – Mexborough 66 Conisborough 38
Denaby Main – Denaby 168 v Doncaster White Star
Denaby Main – Denaby 48 Attercliffe 32
Denaby Main – Denaby 89 Eastwood 24 – Rudkin 6 for 8
Denaby Main – Mexborough 81 Denaby 101
Denaby Main – Thrybergh Park 63 Denaby 80



June Stories include:

Denaby Library – Every neet
Good Friday – More Drunkeness
Lively Proceedings at Conisborough
Suicide of a Young Woman at Conisborough.
Conisborough CC – Greasborough 56 Conisborough 53 for 5
Conisborough CC – Kilnhurst 136 Conisborough 51
Denaby Main – Denaby 44 Parkgate 5
Denaby Main – Wath Oil Mills 39 for 5 Denaby 51



July Stories included :

Denaby Main C.C. – Mexborough, Eastwood View and Kilnhurst
Drunk and disorderly at Conisborough – “Taking the Village by Storm”
Garden Robberies at Conisborough.
More Glassblowers in Trouble
Neglecting to send Children to school
Perilous Position of 16 Miners at Denaby.
Pony Drivers Dispute – Pit Stopped
Pony Drivers Dispute – Pony Drivers Walk Out
Pony Drivers Dispute – Return to Work
Pony Drivers Dispute – Singular Proceedings.
Riotous proceedings at Conisborough.
Sale of Contents of Castle Inn, Building Materials, Carts, Pony and Fowls
Sale of Growing Grass
Shocking Accident at Denaby – Joseph Morgan
The Sports
Unlawfully Trespassing at Conisborough.
Wilful Damage of Gooseberry Trees at Conisborough.



August Stories included:

Conisborough Floral and Horticultural society
Damaging Mown Grass at Conisborough.



September Stories included:

Application for an Ejectment Warrant against a Denaby Miner
Drunk and Assaulting the Police at Conisborough.
Fatal Colliery Accident – Michael Burke
Stealing apples from an Orchard at Conisborough.



October Stories include:

Alleged Indecent Assault
Alleged Indecent Assault by a Certifed Colliery Manager at Denaby.
Conisbrough Parish Church Harvest Festival.
Denaby Miner’s Inquest – James Shelton
Denaby Red Rose
Furnishing of the Ministers House – Wesleyan Methodism at Conisborough.
Married Ladies Falling Out at Conisbrough.
Outrage upon a Young Girl at Denaby.



November Stories include:

Mexborough Constable Assaulted by a Denaby Collier
Mexborough Red Rose v Denaby Red Rose.
Robbery of Eight Sheep at Conisbrough
York Assizes – The Alleged Criminal Assault



December Stories include:

Caution to Owners of Cattle.
Conisborough News
Denaby Red Rose v Mexborough Red White and Blue
Drunk in Charge of a Horse
Narrow Escape of the Denaby Main Colliery Manager.
Temperance and Evangelistic services.