in January 1899 a Denaby somnambulist fell downstairs broke her collarbone and died of lock jaw
A Conisborough woman died through the effects of drink on her diseased kidneys
A delicate -looking boy aged 10, suffering from epileptic fits, was placed in custody for attempting to wreck a train, and sentenced to another 6 strokes of the birch
The Conisborough Parish Council receive a report on the efficiency of the Fire Brigade, agree to inspect a suggested recreation ground at Minneymoor and have a shed at the cemetery for the undertaker
There are cases of ” Raffling”, removal of pigs, working an unfit horse
and most serious of all – a bicycle theft !

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The enquiry into Conisbrough’s application for urban powers
occupied three days in February 1899
With the strength of WH Chambers and the colliery weighing heavily against and his supporters providing lengthy testimonies
There were quite a few court cases reported with Doncaster Rovers goalkeeper in trouble for abusive language
youngsters guilty of shop breaking receiving strokes of the birch rod
A suicide drowning victim and a man summoned for family neglect, another who struck his wife with a knife
Pitch and Toss offenders and another pony driver summoned

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In March 1899 a Bankrupt Coal Merchant repaid his £3000 debts
( 383,000 at today values) without any liability to do so
A miner at Denaby died after helping lift a full Corve
another miner died at Cadeby when a stone weighing nearly a ton fell on him
And two more were casualties after an explosion from a “gob” fire
The Odd Fellows, Druids and Foresters hold their demonstration
There are more cases of colliery offences,
Including a pony driver who didn’t have his lamp checked
Two brothers were fined after a melee at Doncaster Railway Station,
there’s another offence at Conisborough involving a man and his dog
And a seven and eight year old are sentenced to 6 strokes of the birch rod

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The sequel to the prize fight near Mexborough sees a policeman chasing
The pugilists from Barnburgh to Thurnscoe, Houghton, Darfield and Broomhill and back to Wath!
There was a fire in the wooden shops at Denaby Main
A fall of coal at Denaby Main leaves a widow and five children
And the first claim against Denaby Main, for a wife’s loss of her husband
Is found in favour of the colliery
A 21-year-old commits suicide in the river Don
A concert at Denaby Main is considered the best ever enjoyed in the district
and the first vicar is installed at Denaby Main
Denaby and Cadeby Main United Cricket club hold a tea concert and dance
To raise funds for their professional cricketer, with 250 supporters in attendance

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In May 1899 a Denaby Main labourer is found dead in the canal at Mexborough
The Parish Council received their first rejection of Urban Powers
There are several court cases affecting local people;
Colliers are involved in a serious affray at Doncaster, there’s another affray at New Conisbrough with two men ” stripped to the skin”
A woman appears with a black eye and several suicides are reported
Five fowls go missing from Swinton and there’s a suspected Arson at Denaby and 9 colliers are fined for gambling in the urinal of the Denaby Main Hotel
Conisbrough Cricket Club aren’t doing so well with defeats throughout the month

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In June 1899 there’s a fatal accident at Conisbrough glass works and a paraffin lamp explosion burns a woman to death
Relatives are upset when their requests for a private grave are denied and the burial is in a public grave. A Denaby miner is sent to prison for deserting his wife and five children
There is problem for pony drivers after an accident with their corves
A woman commits suicide after her sister husband turns her out and she jumps into the canal
A boy receive six strokes of the birch rod for stealing tobacco and there’s more affrays and assaults

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In July 1899 the West Riding County Council express their feelings at the Local Government’s decision to reject Urban Powers
and a well respected builder, John Downing passed away
The annual Hospital demonstration takes place and there’s a Liberal victory on the Conisbro’ School Board
It is the time for the annual excursions, and the underground men are going to Blackpool, the ‘top men’ will enjoy Cleethorpes and the Fox party are going to Wortley with a brass band
A farmer is in trouble when 7 cows stray on the highway and a glass hand for being drunk and disorderly at the Alma
Denaby and Cadeby gain an emphatic victory over Aldwarke and Conisborough C.C. hold their second annual sports

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In August 1899 a 13 year old is fatally crushed at Denaby Main and another drowned in the River Don
Denaby and Cadeby have twice the output of any other colliery in South Yorkshire
In the courts there’s more mining offences and a 15 year old is fined for the fatality at Denaby
a father and son are summoned for an assault and some miners for being drunk at Conisborough Station
a butcher for smoking and abusive language, and a son for neglecting to support his father

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in September 1899 one hundred members of the institution of mining engineers visit Cadeby and details of the colliery opened seven years ago
There’s an accident at Conisborough saw mill where a worker loses two fingers
Court cases proliferate and they cover a wide range;
a unhappy marriage where the husband threatens murder
after rabbits at Melton and damage to a Denaby haystack
miners gambling on the Doncaster racecourse
singing in a railway carriage and losing a railway ticket
vaccination cases with protest about children lost through vaccination
and termination of a prize fight at Conisborough

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In October 1899 a Denaby barman gets into trouble because of his hosepipe
There is cruelty to sheep and another lost ticket with threats of a knife
Wilful damage to a haystack and the sad suicide of a professional cricketer
We have a report of a Conisbrough school board where the attendance officer doesn’t turn up
Conisbrough Saint Peters and Denaby United are going well
and they lead the Hatchard Cup, division one
Denaby are also progressing in the English cup (F.A. Cup)
with victories against the Sheffield club and Mexborough

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In November 1899 the Christian Budget published an article by special commissioner claiming Denaby Main was the worst village in England
With accusations of gambling, a weekly procession to the pawnshop, children who learn to swear as they learn to talk and the wife who was sold for a shilling
This created widespread and national newspaper attraction and an indignant response from Denaby Main
The new Denaby Main Hotel is denied a licence after supplying drink to children and two women are charged with selling clothing infected by smallpox
Denaby are knocked out of the English cup by Hunslet

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in December 1899 there is a shocking affair at the railway station
when to avoid a snowball a father is killed in sight of his reservist sons
A Denaby girl is almost frozen to death and the Denaby Main Hotel is granted their licence, after promising not to supply drink to children and a police court explanation
There are still repercussions from the notorious Christian Budget article as newspaper reporters seek to find out for themselves
There’s prosecutions for kicking ponies at Denaby and Cadeby
a boy aged eight receives six strokes of the birch for theft and his mother is sent to prison and there’s a concert in aid of the South African war

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