In January 1919 with the Great War still fresh in everyone’s minds news of more soldiers missing and killed were received
A Denaby man died in Mesopotamia of pneumonia and a 20 year old Conisbrough man is reported dead after being missing
There is OBE for a Powder Works employee and the Military Cross for a Conisbrough man at Cambrai
An attractive scheme for Denaby Main is announced, with a brand-new Institute between the football and cricket grounds
A 10 ton rock buries and kills a Denaby Main Deputy
There are fines for a beer retailer and the miner who altered his pay sheet
Four Denaby boys charged with shop breaking and theft receive 15 strokes of the birch in total

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In February 1919 all the returned prisoners of war were entertained and remembered at the Denaby main Institute
A Denaby major is to become chief engineer at the Staveley coal and iron company
A miner with a fractured spine dies at the Doncaster workhouse and steps were in place for a national kitchen at Denaby Main
Conisborough schools were closed for an indefinite period through an outbreak of influenza
In the courts miners were summonsed for non-payment of income tax and four 10 year old boys are given strokes of the Birch Rod for misdemeanours
A Denaby miner receives one month prison for stealing potatoes and a pony driver is fined for stealing firewood 
and there’s an O.B.E. for a munition worker

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In March 1919 a case of bigamy was the sensation of Denaby, when a soldier marries a pregnant woman in London, being already married to a Denaby woman
A 70 year old Conisborough man has a fine life saving record, saving 14 people in total
A Denaby war veteran dies of influenza pneumonia
A new system of Coal Carting has been arranged with a flat rate of 1/6 (7 1/2 p) per delivery
The vicar of Denaby, who served through the Great War has accepted the living of Hackness
And the Courts hear cases where a woman took her Wedding ring off, a man who stole a stall cover, plucky women who chased an intruder and a man who wouldn’t fight on Sundays

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The big event in April 1919 was the reception and presentation
of the Victoria Cross to Laurence Calvert, both at Conisborough and at Buckingham Palace
A young boy dies after a motor lorry passes Station Road School and is chased by a lot of children
and two men drowned from a rowing boat on a Good Friday excursion
Yet another miner dies after a runaway tub fractures his skull
A single Denaby woman with four children goes to gaol after a Doctor describes her house as ‘the worst he ever saw’
and United lose in the Montagu Final to Kimberworth

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The sensational story of May 1919 was the aunt who tried to drown her niece by pushing into the river Don
A young Conisborough miner dies after a roof fall and a new system of coal carting is introduced
The rural Council appoint a new inspector of nuisances and a former yeoman as chairman

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In June 1919 there is a further major sensation after a young woman commit suicide after her soldier husband returns home and a Denaby youth censored and told to “clear out Denaby”
500 miners are thrown idle after the cages are smashed
there is a domestic servants theft at the Fox Inn with 28 days in prison as punishment
and a new vicar at Denaby Main

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In July 1919 a National Coal Strike is hitting the nation and locally
With the Navy sent in to prevent flooding in the Mines
A Peace day was held throughout the district with Conisborough and Denaby celebrating
More soldiers fom the Great War are confirmed killed and Medal winners celebrated
The Hospital demonstration was held with Cadeby’s absence criticised
A Denaby Mill Hand is prosecuted for a vanishing purse and a Denaby Miner for persistent cruelty

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In August 1919 a seven year old is recovered from the canal
In the courts the amazing exploits of 3 Denaby boys are heard, with one sent to a reformatory and the others receiving the birch rod
There’s a case of highway robbery, coal stealing and assaults and a Miner’s attack on a sergeant gets him two months in prison
There’s an enthusiastic welcome home for the Denaby and Cadeby warriors and a touching tribute at the Cenotaph
We record a good Denaby & Cadeby victory and a new club, Conisborough Athletic replacing St Peters

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In September 1919 Conisborough were preparing for another enquiry into provision of urban powers, while rejecting the metropolitan advances
The Reverend Harry Lee was inducted into the living at Denaby Main and the Allotment Holders held their second annual show
Two more missing soldiers were confirmed killed, including an 18 year old who had only been at the front six weeks
A case of highway robbery reaches the courts, with other cases of maintenance of a boy at reformatory and a horse, lame on all legs, pulling a boat
We hear of a Denaby United player’s career with Manchester United, as their first £1000 signing

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In October 1919, a well-known councillor dies in Sheffield
the miners are supporting the striking railwaymen as they sought to protect their War Wages
W.H.Chambers pleads for Industrial Comradeship
Shortage of labour sees calls for an extension to women’s employment in the glassworks
There’s an impressive drumhead service in the Castle grounds
Another case of highway robbery sees a man attacked after visiting the Three Horse Shoes
and four boys are in court after trespassing on the railway

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In November 1919 a fresh application for Urban Powers was held and we detail the proceedings from the Mexborough and Swinton Times
Through the testimony of a variety of witnesses we are provided with an insight into local conditions
and the influential people of Conisborough and Denaby who include W H Chambers, Tom Hill, John Brocklesby and many others
The Denaby colliery manager has a Motorcycle Mishap and a colliery dataller is killed by a fall of roof
The local scandal involves a wife who betrayed her soldier husband and Conisbrough hockey team are playing with distinction

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In December 1919 a three year old is run over by a steam lorry travelling at 3 miles per hour
An ex-soldier dies after declining health and tuberculosis through his experience as a prisoner of war in Germany
Mr and Mrs Appleyard celebrate their diamond wedding and another Appleyard is sued for selling a ‘kicker’
The local MP addresses a meeting with criticism from Tom Hill on his stand over nationalisation
A Conisborough Miner received two months hard labour for larceny for stealing a silver watch and albert, after heavy drinking
and Conisborough’s hockey team are still unbeaten

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