The darker side of Conisborough and Denaby is shown in January 1935
with a Pawn Shop burglary Plot, a ‘Bad old man’ a suicide, a car damaged outside Denaby baths, Hire Bycycles pawned and excess relief claimed
Boxing is revived at Denaby
and Conisborough CC is debt free
The Council discuss Boots for Bairns and the Lord of the Manner
while the Education Committee agree Milk Rations for kids and Immunisation
A driver escapes prison and a Chip Pan ‘explodes.’The Parish Church holds its Annual Meeting and the Conisborough Players play ‘Wolf’ to acclaim
The Quarrymen strike and the Cadeby Miners ballot for another
The Children of Mary hold their Annual Tea and the Ivanhoe Club approach their 5th birthday while Denaby have a 5-5 draw with Barnsley

with thanks to Jack Beachill for his help in transcription

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In February 1935 the ‘Big Entry Gang’ reappears to terrorise the area
Unemployed people from Conisborough and Denaby march to Mexborough
to protest the Means Test
In a major incident A young women stops a Post Office Hold Up and is commended
There is a suicide and a domestic tragedy
And at the Isolation hospital
Diphtheria is increasing and Scarlet fever abating
A youth is jailed for attacking a housekeeper
And Mr Witty passes away
Eddie Cantor is on at the ‘Empire’
And we can see a photo gallery of
Prominent United players

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In March 1935 a Cadeby Miner collapses and dies as he returns to work and another wins his Nystagmus case
we see what’s on at the Denaby Empire and what you can buy at the Denaby Co op
whilst the President of Conisborough Co op passes away
We have pictures of the Candidates at the Conisborough UDC election
and the Cast at Conisborough Society’s ‘Wildflower’ Production
A Denaby Hawker is let off for exchanging Nuts for Rags while the plucky Denaby Heroine receives an award
The villages plan for the Silver Jubilee and the Council debate Direct Labour Housing
We read of slum clearance, privy conversions and a 14 year old boy who loses his arm after a Pit Accident  

with Thanks to Jack Beachill for his help with Transcription

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In April 1935 the move towards a Labour Council continued with only one Independant remaining
A rope mishap causes another death at Denaby Main
and a Lorry driver is fined and reprimanded after injuring a cyclist
The ‘Empire’ is showing a Shirley Temple film and the villages prepare for the Silver Jubilee
A nuisance van dweller is to have his van burnt and there’s an inter club boxing bout
At United there’s a Managerial change
and the sale of Burbanks to Sunderland balances the books
We feature him scoring in the 1937 Cup Final

and thanks to Jack Beachill for help in transcribing

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In May 1935 a Denaby man attempts to save lives and is acclaimed a hero
A woman dies after cutting her finger
We are told about the milk supply in the urban area, (compare this with today!)
a family makes a hurried exit after a fire breaks out and a man is knocked down by a car
A boy loses his hand after a firework explodes and Old Denaby sends a SOS over their Water Supply
But the main news is how Conisborough and Denaby prepared and held the King’s Jublilee
How the ‘King’s Town’ went Red, White and Blue, The wonderful display’s held to ‘Denaby’s delight and the Grand Village Celebration in Old Denaby and the Success of the ‘Boots for Bairns’ fund

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In June 1935 a Denaby Father of 8 commits suicide and the Court reveals the state of poverty and the fate of the family
There are Accidents with a bus, a motor cycle and a wringing machine
Irad Webster resigns from his career at the Conisborough Co op
The Churches hold their Whitsuntide processions
and plan the Hospital Sunday
while needed Extensions at the Conisborough Fever Hospital are discussed
Boxing features a fight between Shod Day and Young Hartle
and Denaby & Cadeby lose every match in June

with thanks to Elishia Beachill for her help in transcribing

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In July 1935 a lightning strike at Denaby Main closes the Pit for 3 weeks
A roof fall kills another Cadeby miner
The Empire shows a Gracie Fields film, “Sing as we Go.” Shortage of Hose sees the Firemen push the fire to the water
Hospital Sundays are held at Conisborough and Denaby
After Glass Bottle production for almost a century Kilners Bros goes into receivership
The quarterly medical report tells of infant mortality and cases of scarlet fever and diphtheria.
Sunday boxing is confirmed as unlawful
and a homing pigeon returns from a trawler in the Atlantic

with thanks to Renata Gorskafor her help in transcribing

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In August 1935 betting at Denaby is ‘always rife and always will be’
a man is summoned for cruelty to a 103 fowls
and a Glass worker for dangerous driving
while a Motor Cycle Combination crashes into a Denaby Shop and there’s problems at Lamp Hill for Cyclists
There’s a debate on the Old Denaby Water Suppy and a dispute at Denaby Main
and the Traffic Census at Denaby Crossing suggests urgent action
there are articles about the Old Folks Trip to Edwinstowe
Comrades’ Club Outing for 1,500 and
Youths dislodging rocks at Conisborough Cliffs
and Denaby Cricket team are unbeaten in the month

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There are a plethora of Bicycle and Orchard thefts in September 1935
and Vandalism at the Parish Church
A young boy is drowned in a Tub at the Allotments
and another run over by a motor car
And the district sees the biggest evey fire
as the Conisborough Parks Farm loses all of its harvest
A grant to the local surveyor is criticised
and a Denaby Couple celebrate their diamond wedding
Denaby United enjoy an unbeaten start to their season
with good wins in the Cup Competitions too.

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In October 1935, Miner’s wages were less than the street cleaners it was declared at the Council meeting
and they were better off claiming public assistance than working
The ‘Boots for Bairns’ campaign has 700 requests for help
Notable local people retiring were
Joseph Sherlock, a famous brickmaker
Miss Rimmington, a Denaby teacher for 38 years and P.C. Rose who used to take prisoners in chains
We have pictures from the Swimming Gala, weddings and United footballers, who were contributing to their unbeaten start
and a thrashing of local rivals Mexborough in the F.A. Cup

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In November 1935, Remembrance day is held with the shadow of war building over Europe again
There’s a RAF Aeroplane crash at Denaby
and a boy is killed, and another injured by a parked bus after a Denaby United Cup Tie
The Territorials hold their Presentation Night at Denaby Baths
And a man is attacked with a Axe and knife after an argument over furniture
and a beggar is sent to prison for 3 months for being a nuisance
An old soldier is fined £2 over a betting misdemeanour and a betting house raided and 19 ‘resorters’caught
United have a good month but fail at the last hurdle to reach the 1st Round Proper of the FA Cup

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In December 1935 the district was in the grip of a freeze which caused two elderly casualties
A well-known local glass worker and athlete celebrated his golden wedding
and relates some of his notable past
A Conisbrough man is appointed executive to the National timber Council
and we have Christmas activities at the schools and Baths
There’s exciting boxing at the Drill Hall, a record year for Conisbrough Cricket Club and a double success for United over local rivals Mexborough

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