In January 1945 the country is in the final stages of the war
we hear of more heroics from the people of our area
of the Airman and Navigator with outstanding records
a soldier who is mentioned in despatches
and another with certification of good service
whist at home a Denaby youth causes an expensive haystack fire
and there’s damages at the Station Road school dances
Two men retire with 93 year’s service at the pits
and there’s golden and diamond weddings to celebrate

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In February 1945 our area was commended for its excellent savings record
with caution as the end of the war was approaching
A Conanby youth commits suicide and bus drivers are attacked
‘Schooling’ during working hours are allowed by the Council
and a new Hotel allowed for ‘dry’ Old Denaby
and there’s presentations to Tom Hill on his retirement
and youngster John H Wardle on his 100 wickets for Denaby & Cadeby

With thanks to Jack Beachill for his help with transcription

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In March 1945 we can read the high respect for the Rescue men at the Collieries
and how the local WVS raised £500 for an ambulance and paid their own expenses in going to London for the presentation
A private Transport system is debated by the Carting Committee
and a Mexborough bus is boarded in India
Temporary houses are to be built in the open spaces of Conisbrough
Conisbrough’s clergyman leaves for Wombwell
and a soldier and airman lose their lives in the conflict

and thanks to Jack Beachill for his help in Transcription

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In April 1945 with the war drawing to conclusion
news came of a former Conisbrough Home Guard member killed in Action
and other serving men in
Burma, Belgium, Syria and India
with an Airman in a Typhoon Squadron
and Sailors in Submarines
and a 19 year old landing troops on D Day

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The district was celebrating the end of the war
and we have pictures of the Patriotic displays in Denaby
and news from Conisbrough on VE Day
As men returned from the hostilities
We read the story of a brave Denaby Sergeant
and the tales of prisoners in Stalag’s
Their treatment at the hands of their German captors
and a man’s 650 mile march with little food and water
who is ‘not used to traffic yet’

with thanks to Jack Beachill for his help in transcription

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In June 1945 we have a macabre story of how a ‘dead’ child lived to be 68
and we hear fascinating stories from returning soldiers, of how a Denaby Man returns with a Greek Bride who helped rescue him from the Gestapo
of a Conisbrough man who assisted with the horrors of the Belsen clean up
and the whole village turns out as Old Denaby welcome home their hero
The Evacuees leave Conisbrough, ‘a place they can never forget’ while 5 children disappear one Sunday afternoon
and Denaby’s Johnny Wardle make his debut in the Roses match.

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As the area gets back to normal after the Great Conflict, Two brave Denaby Lads save a young girl from drowning
but ruin their suits in the process !
We read the induction service as the new Conisbrough Vicar receives his living
Denaby’s Jack (Johnny) Wardle gets a second game with Yorkshire
and Labour Candidates get a clean sweep in South Yorkshire
Conisbrough’s bomber Ace opens a Garden Fete and Soldiers return from World Wide Combat Action to Parties in Celebration

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There were celebrations in Conisbrough and Denaby in August 1945
as the War ended with the defeat of Japan
With Flags flying from all places and bonfires from the Crags to Blythe Street
We read of the exploits of Conisbrough’s Squadron Leader Dunk
and James Madin’s DSM for his part in sinking a U Boat and stories from more soldiers and sailors.
In Cricket Dick Cory and Jack ‘Johnny’ Wardle
are Denaby’s demon bowlers

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In September 1945 the South Yorkshire Times published the Roll of Honour of the local people who had fallen during the war
For completeness we have shown this with the persons named on the War Memorials and will add more information. Notice how our soldiers fell all over the world
The Army Cadet Corps came under attack from local Councillors because of the similarity to pre war German Youth Organisation
A solder’s fame is rising as he competes with a Scottish Football team
and Denaby’s season gets off to an inauspicious start as they lose to Boston and Peterborough

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Japanese Prisoners of War were returning in October 1945 and others were on Furlough as the villagers tried to return to normal
A Conisbrough accident causes the Coroner to say it should not have happened
and two servicemen end in Hospital in a motor cycle collision in the fog
The Council throw out boxing at Denaby baths and the Savings Committee plan a Thanksgiving week of celebration
we’ve a picture of a wedding and reports of United’s return to winning ways

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November 1945 was a quiet period for local news
We visit the Special Constable’s dinner
and an inquest after a man’s death fall
at the Powder Works
There’s a Denaby re instatement case
after a local man tries to restore his employment
We update the Roll of Honour
and United’s games are full of goals
and they introduce a new centre forward
who lost his arm at Caen

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As 1945 draws to a close, the war has ended but it is still is vivid in the community
A Denaby Gunner is welcomed home
after working in a Japanese Copper mine
and there’s an MBE for the Conisbrough Surveyor’s son
Sickle manufacturer’s Booths are buoyant with an order for 65,000 to Burma
There’s news of a new Denaby priest and of Conisbrough Castle to become Public Custody
While Soldiers in India scramble for the ‘Times’ the Conisbrough hospital refuses Whooping Cough Cases
and United feature in a Grand Christmas Day match with Frickley

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