As 1946 began the Castle is to be purchased for £25
and the other main stories were of local men returning from the War, of a Naval Minesweeper, a Flight Lieutenant and the Station Road Headmaster who receives a B.E.M.
A local describes the changes in Conisbrough and Denaby as he returns from the War
There’s sad news of a Prisoner who dies in Borneo of Malaria and Beriberi
and a broadcast by Squadron Leader Dunk of a mission over Berlin
The Area has run out of Rabbits and United have a winless month

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In February 1946 the war was starting to be a memory
as the Modern School held its first pantomime, ‘Aladdin’ and a Conisbrough DSM recalls his part in relieving the epic Siege of Mata
A soldier loses his life after a skid in icy conditions near Edlington Lane
Old Denaby residents are up in arms about a penny increase in the Ferryboat charges
whilst the Council take sympathy over ‘lovers walk’ vandalism and a Conisbrough G.I. bride is ‘crazy’ to go to the states
The well known Appleyard family hold a reunion after a father meets his son for the first time, (he recognised his dad from photographs!)
and another soldier returns to his Garage after receiving the B.E.M. and seeing service at Dunkirk and as one of Monty’s Desert Rats

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In March 1946 the fine record of a Conisbrough veteran was revealed and a Conanby man was fined for obtaining ham and a pig’s head for a funeral;
he was without coupons and the pig slaughterer without a licence
There’s penal servitude for Manslaughter by a Denaby woman and also for men who stole 137 pairs of Pit Boots
There’s a big debate over whether Conisbrough UDC should be absorbed by Doncaster as the Council presses for a more equal share of the Hospital costs
The Collieries give the British Legion some land near the Mill Piece and the Old Denaby Council are to discuss a bridge to replace the Ferry crossing which has been active since 1435 !
United beat the Midland League leaders, Shrewsbury Town who were shortly to become a Football League Club

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In April 1946 we feature the enthralling story of a Conisbrough paratrooper’s exploits in Southern France
The vicar brands Conisbrough as a Pagan Strong hold because of the Good Friday Fair and it’s “cacophonous blare and its aftermath of rowdyism”
A Denaby boy is drowned in the canal and a Conisbrough woman killed in a car crash
The surveyor retires after a long service and a noted drummer returns to the district
United have an hectic final month to the season
and there’s many more stories from the month

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In May 1946 a sailor relates the thrilling story of the battle of River Plate
and soldiers from Conisbrough and Denaby tell of the devastation of in Hiroshima
A Conisbrough sailor’s War Record shows he has sailed 150,000 miles
and a Denaby Gunner, after 3 1/2 years in a Japanese POW camp is presumed dead
Locally the British Legion offer part of the Mill Piece to the Council and 10,000 bedding plants are to be planted in Denaby Park
Conisbrough UDC rejects any inclusion into Doncaster and their comments about the ‘ queer people’ of Conisbrough
and a Denaby Miner is fatally crushed
‘Dashing’ United score 7 against Bradford City and a new bowler takes all 10 wickets for Denaby and Cadeby

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The district was still emerging from the effects of the World War in June 1946
The battle for bread campaign sees Pigs suffering as waste decreased and Tom Hill demands more beer for the miners
We hear of a local man mentioned in despatches and another with a Certificate for gallantry
Victory celebrations see bonfires and a spectacular fireworks display
A Denaby Child gets knocked down on a busy Doncaster Road
The Conisbrough Medical Officer retires after 40 years service and there’s a Fire Station Demonstration
The  vicar states Pride causes Divorce and we get a glimpse of property prices
There’s a New factory employing 40 girls on Wellgate and Ellis Robinson is picked for the Rest of England Side

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July 1946 there was clarity over the Bread rations and the use of the miners Coupons
we hear a Conisborough man’s story of dodging Nazis in Greece and a young Airman’s sacrifice at the end of the war
and after seven years through the war a man is told to enlist for his National Service
There’s a strike threatened as Denaby demand their Bath’s scheme and a deputy’s strike over a misunderstanding at Cadeby and unions may be involved in the construction of a concrete cricket pitch
A film is to be made on club life with ‘shots’ at Denaby and Cadeby
and on the darker side a Denaby boy gags and imprisons his playmates, there’s a brutal assault and a wedding is cancelled because the bride is already married!

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In August 1946 the Club and Children’s outings are back in full swing with over 5,000 leaving by train to Cleethorpes this summer
The Vicar is in the news as he talks about Conversation and opens his pulpit to Questions
The shadow of the War is still present as a Conisbrough man is mentioned in Dispatches  and a South African Bride bemoans Rationing
The Judge and Counsel go down the Pit as they hear a Compensation case over a 21 year old who lost his left leg in an accident
There’s dispute over an Old Denaby Footpath
and good prospects for United as the Cricket team finish in style

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In September 1946 there were many ‘people stories’ as men were waiting to be de mobilised
and we hear of a Royal Navy stoker on a Aircraft Carrier and a Eight Army and Casino veteran in Greece, both of whom have spent 4 years through the war
A former Technical manager at Kilner’s glassworks returns after 10 years in South Africa
And a Denaby Coldstream Guardsman awaits his family as they fly out to Germany
The Conisbrough Vicar’s sermons now cover the effect on War on Marriage and the Maxims for Marriage
Old Denaby’s two Pinfolds are revealed
A Local Referee is on the League’s list and United have a record ‘gate’

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In October 1946 we have the delightful story of Joey the Crow
And how a Conisbrough youth came face to face with a 6’4” escaped Nazi – and helped capture him!
The New Prefabs arrive and are erected at ‘The Oval’ and post war building continues at Conanby
Conisbrough C.C. have been thrown off their ground at Pygotts Field after 80 years
And Denaby & Cadeby give the thumbs up to the new South Riding League
A Conisbrough Sergeant, on his way home for leave, is killed in a train crash in Italy
Our ‘Ivanhoe Castle’ is to be promoted throughout America and Denaby Choral plan an ambitious Messiah

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In November 1946 a Denaby School asked for the Air Raid Shelters to be taken down
As the Dance of the season was announced at the ‘Baths.’
Another miner dies after a rock fall breaks his neck and a old Man is knocked down at Stairfoot by a Denaby miner
There’s more veterans from the First World War on parade at the Armistice
As the ex-servicemen and officials re-unite at the Institute
Conisbrough Cricket Club find a temporary home and the Robinson’s offer a New Cricket Cup
United’s ground is pronounced ‘among the best’ in the Midland League and Former player, Sammy Cowan, becomes manager at Manchester City on a ‘plum’ contract worth £2,000 a year!
There’s a joint conference at Denaby over Nationalisation and the Memorial Park is to be returned to cultivating flowers
The BBC broadcast an SOS to enable a dying man’s wish and childhood playmates marry after a 1,000 mile trip!

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In December 1946 the district was preparing for Nationalisation
As the Pits declared the ‘vestment day’ a ‘play day’’ and prominent heads of Denaby and Cadeby were given positions in the new set up.
Pictures of Four ex servicemen circled the globe on George Booth’s Sickle Company’s Christmas Cards
Two young children are in the Sheffield Mother Goose pantomime
And a young Old Denaby soldier dies in hospital
Air Raid Shelters are being demolished,
the Conisbrough Youth Council want a Dance Floor
and Denaby School has a Boiler breakdown
United put 7 past Rotherham United Reserves
And Shrewsbury Town return the compliment with 8 the following week!

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