In January 1968 the Mona ran a Mini Skirt Competition and we show a picture of the Finalists !
Tommy Joyce represents Scotland in Denmark and returns with a victory and a cut eye
there are silver and gold wedding celebrations and we link the Golden wedding to the original wedding shown on our site
A Conisbrough woman wins a portable TV in a national competition and the Tufty club is launched at Rowena
A Conisbrough man is to be head of Music at Danum grammar and United beat Stocksbridge Works, twice
and we have passed our 10,000 articles mark !!!

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In February 1968 there was a “Times” review of Shopping in Conisbrough and Denaby with Adverts from the main shops of the time
Conisbrough Cricket Club hold their Annual Dinner and Northcliffe their speech day
There’s a New Managing Director at the XL Crisp Factory and Children’s Parties at the Parish Church and Ellershaw Estate
The New Flats are giving Conisbrough U.D.C. a headache
United lose their Top of the Table position and our Dart’s champion is helping Yorkshire in London

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In March 1968 we have pictures of over 20 weddings – Such were the times !
How many of these have celebrated their Golden this year ?
Conisbrough has a presence when the world largest cargo plane, the Lockheed C5A is ‘rolled out’ in the USA
Fast Ed wins a Billiards crown in Canada and a new school is planned behind the Lord Conyers
Northcliffe boys make their own Ski’s for their skiing holiday and there’s a 21st Anniversary, SJAB Social and an Oil Pump in Old Denaby
United have a good month and move back to the top of the Table

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In April 1968 there were numerous weddings again and we have pictures of thirteen of them !
An Easter Bonnet parade was held by the Conisbrough Hospital staff at the Mona Club for the 40 to 90 group
The Conisbrough Girl’s Friendly Society produce Puss in Boots
A 93 year old is greeted by Radio Sheffield with music and the British Legion hold their Annual Dinner
Northcliffe win the Mexborough Challenge Cup and United have a good month with a victory over the leaders the highlight

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In May 1968 Denaby Main Colliery was reaching the end of its life with only a skeleton staff remaining after Whitsuntide and a Miner and staunch Churchman retires after 47 years at the pits
We feature the St John Ambulance Brigade’s 50th Anniversary, its Annual Inspection and a Nursing Award
The Scouts are in the St Georges Day parade and the Cubs show their Olympic Flag at Hesley Wood
A Cadeby woman wins £1,000 at Bingo – worth £17,000 today !
Youth Clubs race their Soap Boxes down the Crags,
A new £6,000 Bowls Green is opened at Denaby and Morley Place School introduce Oral French into their lessons

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Almost 50 articles from June 1968
The news stories feature the Boxer Landlord leaving the ‘Drum’, when the lights went out and beer was served in Jugs
The problem of shortage of work for women and Tommy Joyce’s revenge against the Scottish Champion
Photographs now proliferate and amongst others feature:
The Wheelbarrow race which encompassed the Conisbrough pubs,
A Denaby family emigrating to Australia, the usual quota of weddings
the Conisbrough Civic parade and the Parish Church Spring Fayre
A Corpus Christi procession and the Churches Whit walk
Salvation Army Garden Fete and Northcliffe School Sports day and many more !
The Conisbrough Northcliffe FC display their numerous trophies
and Denaby & Cadeby hold their annual Dinner

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in July 1968 a Conisbrough man and his family have a two year posting in Australia and a student is taking a seven week working holiday in the states
We have more weddings and a golden wedding and the 5th Don & Dearne Cubs before a sponsored walk
There’s a new Conisbrough Fire Station and a new dayroom at the Fullerton hospital
The guides held a barbecue at Clifton Lane and the schools a swimming gala at Denaby baths
A 15 year old joins Sheffield United as an apprentice professional and there are Show awards for a new 13 year old
and we have cricket and angling, indoor games league and a amateur Swimming Club gala

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In September 1968 there was another surge of weddings with the highlight well-known swimmers married at Saint Peter’s church accompanied by the school choir
The Denaby vicar leaves after the shortage ever vicarate at the parish (to be replaced 50 years ago by the present incumbent! ) and the Conisbrough Vicar is canonised
There’s a millinery display at the Methodist church and a flower Festival at the Parish Church
The “Meals on Wheels” committee hold a garden party with painted butterflies and racing in miniature a feature
We have pictures of indoor league trophy winners and the history of Crookhill Hall
Denaby and Cadeby finish the season with a flourish by beating the Yorkshire Council finalists
and we have a team photograph of Denaby United
30 more articles from when we were young!

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The big news of September 1968 was the arrival of Universal Artist’s for their filming of “Women in Love”
With scenes from the film being shot in Denaby, using Denaby streets and people, as well as world famous stars such as Alan Bates, Oliver Reed and Glenda Jackson
The explosion of weddings was still at its height, with over 20 reported
There are fashion shows for young wives and at Rowena school
Galas for the Scouts, including Battleship, Housey-Mousey, Lucky Numbers Drum and Umbrellas !
There’s a novices trophy at the Denaby Swimming Club Gala and the Bishop of Leeds is at St Albans
United have an up-and-down month with victories and losses
And we include the final South Riding League table

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in October 1968 there were numerous weddings to celebrate and a twenty first birthday party
A Denaby teacher relates how she was threatened by African natives but was thrilled by the African safari
Conisbrough dancing brothers have over 600 awards and there’s the story of the rabbit which romps with the Terriers
The Champion Scissors factory is to move to Denaby and a Citizens Association is planned for the district
The Conisbrough Vicar attacks decadence and there’s trouble over a Sunday afternoon show at the Mona
A Conisbrough Man saves a two year old child’s life and the court hears how a girl’s boyfriend went berserk
There is a feature on Edwin Salkeld selection as captain of the English schools and United go from strength to strength in the Yorkshire League

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In November 1968 there are claims for the youngest great granny from Conisbrough and Denaby and pictures from an 83rd birthday party
We discover why Walter Scott chose Conisbrough for his Ivanhoe setting, while tenants of pre war Council houses threaten to take their case against modernisation to the Ombudsman
There is a canteen retirement at Northcliffe, while a desperately needed primary school is hit by Government cuts
The Conisbrough Chrysanthemum Society hold a show, while an “Extremely Violent Gang” appear in court
Conisbrough Cricket club hold their awards and a former Denaby United star takes to the Australian soccer fields
Reresby Arms have cricket champions and the Denaby Polo squad win awards

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In December 1968 there was news of a new Pit Face which took Cadeby out of the ‘Red.’
There’s a winner at the Steel, Peech and Tozer’s awards
and pupils of Saint Alban’s stage a concert to send a former pupil to missionary work in Kenya
There are Christmas events at Denaby Parish Church and Salvation Army, Saint Alban’s School, Rossington Street, Balby Street in Denaby and Ivanhoe, Rowena & Northcliffe high school, , in Conisbrough
The “Times” published a full diary of events in South Yorkshire in 1968
The “Drum” is to provide  Denaby youth with a boxing centre but Denaby United hit rock bottom
and we have a picture of the Reresby Arms F.C. in 1923/24

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