06. More Medical Evidence – Healthy Mining Village

July 1920

Mexborough and Swinton Times July 23 1920

Fairly Healthy Mining Village

Dr J.J.Huey, medical officer to the Mexborough Urban district Council, said he had known Denaby for a number of years, and he described it as “a fairly healthy mining village, the streets of which were well laid out.”

By Dr Jardine: is Denaby more subject to epidemics than Mexborough?

Witness: All towns are subject to epidemics.

Dr Jardine: You’ve heard Dr Wilson’s views with regard to infantile mortality. Do you agree with them?

Witness: Yes, insanitation is not necessarily the only cause.

Dr Jardine: You are in favour of privvy middens?

Witness: No, I object to them very much..

Dr Jardine: You would not like the horrors of privvy middens perpetuated here? – No

Dr Jardine, It is a horrible system? – Yes.

By Mr Mortimer: The privvy midden system is a horror?

Witness: it is very bad.

Mr Mortimer: I am sure you will agree that the citizens of the districtought to be roused to look into the housing conditions. It is a matter that concerns the country as a whole? – Yes

Remarkably Healthy Place

Dr J. MacArthur stated that he had resided in Denaby Main since 1906. He estimated that 50% of the mothers fed their children artificially. He agreed that a high birth rate went hand-in-hand with a high infant mortality rate. The infantile mortality rate was slightly higher in Denaby than in similar places.

Scavenging was very well done, and he never had experience of matter being thrown on the ground before it was put upon the cart. The general health of Denaby Main was very good. There was plenty of airspace, good streets, and no cul-de-sacs. There was some congestion, mostly older houses built in 1863. There was no street in Denaby, from which a view of fields and trees could not be obtained.

Cross-examined: Excluding infantile mortality rate Denaby, was a remarkably healthy place.

Mr Mortimer: The conditions such as would disturb the peace of a persons mind?

Witness: If they were of weak intellect.

By Mr Waugh: If there was an ample supply of water. The water carriage system was most desirable.

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