07. A Denaby Mother of Nine and Final Prosecution Witnesses

July 1920

Mexborough and Swinton Times July 23 1920

A Denaby Mother Of Nine

Mrs Emma Oakley, 99 Doncaster Road, Denaby, was next called, and declared that she brought up nine children in Denaby, and had brought them up under healthy and moral conditions.

Mr Mortimer (cross-examining): Did you ever get lost in Packy┬┤s Puzzle?

Witness (indignantly): of course not.

By Mr Mortimer: She had not heard the people complain of the Privvy Middens and the damage the slates was caused by the children climbing onto the top.

Mr Mortimer: They are a healthy lot in Denaby.

Witness: They are. I have seen them climb onto the tops of the houses, never mind the privvy middens

Thomas Holcroft, timekeeper, employed at the plaintiffs colliery, said that he had been born and brought up in Denaby, and he saw no horrors in the place. If they were any the people were to blame. If they attended to matters promptly there would be no horrors at all.

George Luther Robinson, builder and undertaker, 64, Tickhill Street, Denaby main, said he attended the lecture delivered by the defendant. He thought the condition of the houses was fairly satisfactory, and having regard to the time when they were built. If there were not clean it was the fault of the people.

By Mr Mortimer: There were men engaged in cleaning the streets on Thursday (the day the jury visited the district)

His Lordship: Were you when your men busy cleaning up last Thursday?

Witness: We were active.(laughter.)

Mr Mortimer: You heard the jury might come, and you did some cleaning up?

Witness: Yes; it is human; it is what you would do if you had a friend coming to your house. (Loud laughter)

His Lordship: I see. You took care that the jury would be well received. (Renewed laughter)

Mr Waugh (re-examining): You usually sweep up on Thursday. Witness: yes

His Lordship: They were a little more active, that is all. (Laughter.)

Mr Waugh intimated that he had several more witnesses he could call, but in order to shorten the case, he did not propose to do so.

His Lordship: You have produced your prize lady who brought up nine children. (Laughter.)

Mr Waugh: And I presume my friend will bring one was lost five (laughter.)

Is Lordship: Yes, I presume we shall have the horrible example.

The court then adjourned for lunch.

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